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    Japan's conservative government will abide by official apologies that the country's leaders made two decades ago to the victims of World War II in Asia, top officials said Tuesday, backing away from earlier suggestions that the government might try to revise or even repudiate the apologies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crappler View Post
    Are you fucking kidding me? Like the Americans had some kind of choice in dealing with these bastards? They cut a swath of destruction across China, had head-chopping contests in the newspapers, smashed our fleet in Pearl Harbor and dragged us into the war, and we would have lost 200k men trying to invade the Japanese mainland. The only people who arguably deserved to get nuked more at that time were the Germans. This kind of "moral equivalency" bullcrap is just that.
    There are two sides to every story. I get that War is War and they would have done the same if they could. The atrocities of the japanese military as far as their treatment of prisoners and surrounding countries goes is well documented.

    But why two bombs? Does saving lives really justify killing the uninvolved? Since when are civilian cities targets for military war games? How many of the Japanese living in Nagasaki or Hiroshima were likely opposed to the war? How many babies/ children were a threat to anybody? If Korea decided to nuke Atlanta because it produces military goods to aid the U.S. military, would it be justified? There were actually a lot of Germans who hid jews from Hitler and helped them escape. I don't think it's right to paint an entire race with such a broad brush to the point of where you'd say all these Jap bastards needed to die.

    For example, I am Russian. I grew up in soviet Russia. I also despise communism and everything it stands for. Not every citizen of a country agrees with whatever their government is doing. How many people here fully approve and support what the U.S. military did in Abu Ghraib? Does Abu Ghraib theoretically mean that Iraq would be justified in bombing the U.S? Not that they could but for the sake of argument.

    Obviously, this is an idealistic view and war has nothing to do with morals. So the U.S. did the right thing for the U.S. at the time. But I wouldn't go as far as to say it was morally justified.

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