So, for a while now (2 years, maybe?) this TKD school near me, the American TKD Academy ( has been offering classes in BJJ. We're talking Gaithersburg, MD, in the Kentlands neighborhood (I live 10 minutes down the road).

I have no idea if the TKD school is good, bad, indifferent or what, but the people teaching the jiujitsu are from the Yamasaki Academy. If you in the DC area, you know from Yamasaki. So that gives the program that I'm now interested in some weight.

Anybody know details about who's teaching there, how close they're tied in with the full Yamasaki school and program, all of that?

If it's good instruction (I think they have a purple belt leading classes at this affiliate deal, which is plenty for me) and I can afford it, this could be just what I need...

So, anybody know about 'em?