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    Training partner needed - Maryland (MoCo)

    I seem to go through this every few years - looking for a training partner or two. It's time again!


    I do a mostly Inosanto JKD-style blend, basic MTish kickboxing and some eskrima, would like to find just a couple of people with schedules as unpredictable as mine who can trade off leading workouts in a club type of deal. Obligatory (but somewhat dated) self-promotion here: http://madsox.freeshell.org/Kungfu/

    I will eventually pick up some BJJ classes at one of the local school to fill in that particular gap, but for the basics of punch/kick/weapons work I just need some people to work with.

    I'm in upper Montgomery County (Gaithersburg), with work that often has me driving anywhere from Baltimore to Ashburn, and out of town sometimes. So fixed school schedules are hard for me to stick to. But a casual bunch of guys who get together and just train every week or so? That works.

    Anyway, if you're in the area and a little interested, let me know...

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    You are more than welcome to swing by my academy in Beltsville. It is a bit of a hike from Gaithersburg, but my mat fees are cheap (15 bucks/day) and I have a host of students who have competed all over for sparring partners. www.cpmma.net


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