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    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminated View Post
    Bullshido members speak now ....or forever hold your peace.

    My last post will be within the half hour...

    we hav 400 viewers ..yet nobody has the balls to ask a question or even question where I come from

    I'll give you 15 mins of my time then I have to leave ...ask now...or....
    Are you the REAL Batman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminated View Post
    Buddha ...interesting - let me try.

    The Books of Mahabharata
    From the Book 13 The Book of Instructions
    Chapter 90 The Ascent to Heaven

    (Sorry for the lousy translation and the possible errors but I am in a hurry so I will do this ex tempore, also are both of these not my mother's language. For sure you can find a better translation on the net)

    Astaka said:
    "If the life is bygone through the age, vultures, peacocks, insects and worms phagocytize the body. Where does the human being live then? How is it coming back to life? I have never heard of a hell with the name Bhauma on earth!"

    Yayati answered:
    "After the destruction of the body the vitality of the human being reaches according to the good or bad actions, again the lap (of one) mother.

    It results thereby for the moment in the unconscious existence, in the respective womb, until a new individual (animal, human being?) is born.

    The recycling of the vitality corresponds to this earth hell
    (Bhauma) in the manner that the stage of the intellectual tier is
    not reached continuously.

    It is a question of a systematical progress on the physical tier.
    The vitality of the person which dies, takes consequently for this moment a differentiated form.

    The consciousness appears as in a dream and changes into another body. The goods get in this case a higher and that evil a lower existence form."

    Astaka said:
    "Father, how people reach these higher areas (Level 2), of from
    where there is not any return to earthly life (Level 1 matter)?"

    Yayati answered:
    "The Sensible ones mean that there are seven possibilities to attain
    entrance to the level 2, the intellectual tier (Sky).

    Refuse on Bad actions which displease to Brahma and Vishnu.
    Giving other people supports.
    Occupying peaceful state of mind.
    Practicing self-control.
    Having few physical expectations.
    Do not play itself into the centre (Modesty).
    Showing kindness opposite all creatures.

    To tell references of the Yayati:
    The Wise men also say that a person loses all this due to craving
    for recognition. That human being, that attained knowledge and looks
    itself clever and if possible uses the knowledge to harm others,
    will not reach ever level 2.

    Knowledge alone is also no insurance for reaching Brahma.
    Cognizance, being carefully considered, respect lend safety!

    Haughtiness engenders insecurity! The Wise men should never, with
    attainment of honours, lift themselves even into the sky! Also the
    Sensible ones should not annoy uselessly over insults. Because only
    sensible ones honour sensible ones! The malicious ones act

    Narcissism, self-pity, self-manifestation, self idolization, self
    justice is the root of the failing on the way to the intellectual

    Knowing, spirit-conscious people, which accept the divine spirit and
    the vigour of Brahma ; Krishna and Vishnu as a life basis, enjoy the
    intellectual freedom and hope on life in level 2 (intellectual tier)
    after the human death."

    This literature was written many thousand years before Siddhartha
    (Buddha) was born.

    Siddharta Gautama Buddha lived in the 6. Century BCE in India. His
    father, Suddhodana, was the ruler of the kingdom of the Sakyas in
    the contemporary Nepal. His mother was the queen Maya. According to
    the custom of the time the prince Siddharta became wedded very
    young, in the age of 16 years, with the princess Yasodhara. The
    young prince lived in his palace, and all which he craved for the
    welfare life was available to him.

    As he saw himself opposed to the reality of the life and the
    suffering of the mankind very suddenly a day, he decided on
    searching for the cancellation of the suffering and finding the way
    from the general suffering. With 29 years, soon after the birth of
    his only son Rahula, he left his kingdom and became, on the search
    for redemption, an ascetic.

    Six years long the ascetic Gautama wandered through the valley of
    the walk, met famous religious teachers, studied and followed their
    systems and means and subjected even to severe ascetic practices.
    Because all this did not satisfied him, he gave up the handed down
    religions and their means and went his own way.

    In this troubling around redemption Gautama achieved in his 35th
    year of life the complete enlightenment (bodhi) after which he
    became known as Buddha, "The Enlightened one". And indeed this came
    about at the bank of the Neranjara-flow at Gaya (near Gaya in the
    contemporary Bihar) under a tree which is revered today as Bodhi-
    tree or Bo-tree, "Tree of the wisdom".

    After his enlightenment Gautama, Buddha, held, in the wild park at
    Isipatana (the contemporary Sarnath) near Benares in front of a
    group of five ascetics, his former companions, his first doctrine

    From that day on he has spoken and taught 45 years long in front of
    men and women of all nation-shifts, in front of kings and farmers,
    Brahmins and outcasts, money lenders and beggars, saints and
    robbers. He did not recognize the distinctions of the caste
    arrangement or the varieties of the social grouping; the "Path",
    that he taught, stood open to all men and women that were ready to
    understand him and to go.

    In the age of 80 years the Buddha passed away in Kusinara (in the
    contemporary state Uttar Pradesh). Among the religion founders it
    was Buddha, if we may name him a religion founder in the popular
    sense, to be the only teacher which did not require being something
    other than a human being plainly. Other teachers were valid
    inspiredly either as divine beings or as incarnations of the deity
    or from God. Buddha was only a human being and did not raise the
    claim to inspiration through a God or a higher power. He ascribed
    his whole completion, his knowledge and his services to human effort
    and human intelligence. Only a human being can become Buddha. Every
    human being has the possibility for this purpose in itself if he
    only wants it and strives for that. (...)

    "One is his own refuge, who else could be the refuge"? "
    (Dhammapada, V 160, 1926), Buddha said and admonished his pupils,
    never to search for refuge and aid at any other. He taught,
    encouraged and spurred everyone in person to develop and to work on
    his own liberation, because the human being has the strength in
    itself, to free personal effort and intelligence from all fetters,
    through those ones characterizes. Buddha said: "You yourselves must
    tend hot sense's, the awoken ones are annunciators only. "
    (Dhammapada, ebd, in 276). When Buddha is supposed to be called
    a "redeemer" at all then only in the sense that he detected the way
    and showed the way for the redemption.
    What is the sound of one hand bitch-slapping you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminated View Post
    Announces departure
    Don't let the int3rnets.....

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    9-11.... Check

    Rehash of Alex Jones crazier conspiracies.... Check

    Nietzsche quote..... Check

    TL;DR posts.... Check

    The only thing you are missing is Godwin's Law.

    Where is the OC? The lulz? Your posts lack both.

    Hate to bust it to you un-illuminated, we are all pretty much oldfags here. Take your newfag **** else where.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holy Moment View Post

    I'm winning.

    A new challenger appears.
    go to > under Thread Display Options > Number of Posts to Show Per Page: 40

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    Okay, what the **** is this clown doing?

    This "trolling" thing is a fucking excuse, man.

    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminated View Post
    Bullshido is a spawn of Sherdog's O.T - so the question is --who's your daddy?

    Now don't get all butt hurt and ban like those faggots at Sherdog would do, I'm just stating the facts of history.

    I actually joined this forum looking at that thread posted by o.p -- i come from sherdog but this is my new home.
    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Supreme View Post
    Not sure if I agree. I joined here in 2002. When did that forum start. Let me Google it...

    ****, 1997. If it was established 1997 why can't they get my frigging record correct?
    Your first post was more on the serious side, when Omega called you out for being a dumbass and not knowing your "facts of history" you pretended to be the Dalai Lama or whatever the **** it is you're doing now.

    We get it, you're ironic and ****.

    It's like the guy that pretends to rediscover the sweets at a party every time he takes some, rather than admit he's a fat **** and just eat.

    Because everyone gives a **** and every eye is closely watching, right?

    Hey, asshole, stop shitting up the board with your shitty videos and walls of text.

    If you want to communicate with the ADHD Generation and spread your wisdom make it short and simple.

    Like my post. You're welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobyclumsyninja View Post
    Least talented troll of all time.
    Yes. I fucking love trolls. If he was a good one I'd be all up in this thread getting my lulz. But I am disappoint.

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    Does enlightenment or whatever always come with a soundtrack? I kind of like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by legomepanda View Post
    Does enlightenment or whatever always come with a soundtrack? I kind of like that.
    The sound of one hand clapping is a mix tape.

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    Oh so you got banned and you think it's a badge of honor, is that it?

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