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    You'll note he ignores me because he knows he cannot stand before my enlightened mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminated View Post
    My time here has expired.

    Prepare Earthlings.
    This somehow reminded me of this:

    Thanks I haven't listened to this in years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerAuslander View Post
    You'll note he ignores me because he knows he cannot stand before my enlightened mind.
    Right? He had a golden opportunity there to go all Buddha on your ass, yet walks right past it.
    "We often joke -- and we really wish it were a joke -- that you will only encounter two basic problems with your 'self-defense' training.
    1) That it doesn't work
    2) That it does work"
    -Animal MacYoung

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminated View Post
    No no no my friend this is not good, please let's focus on the positive.
    I prefer not to. Thanks though.
    Combatives training log.

    Gezere: paraphrase from Bas Rutten, Never escalate the level of violence in fight you are losing. :D

    Drum thread

    Pavel Tsatsouline: kettlebell workouts give you “cardio without the dishonour of aerobics”.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminated View Post
    N::>A "1ec.\-y\\ C.d\
    \/0\ "'IV ,
    ~u.{,f\.o. \
    Key ToTheExtraterrestrial Messages
    nv H. {~Al\II'AIl;N~:
    ( IlIdll~,.ili,'Ii
    Dr. ('lIl11lJlli/:11(' pn'~""/l'fl a serie« uf 29 1III'~~al!",. {mill III1/.'r ,.pan' in
    "l-:.rtmt"rf1'strial Int"/Iipl'nn>." NSA Teehnico! Journnl, Vol. X1. Nil. ~,
    IIIJ. /11/ If. arid in Ih" Sp,~'ial Ma/hl'matil',' and 1':/1.~i",~'rill.1[ 1~,.'II· of II",
    .JfIIlrIllIl, I'll. II i If. '1'111' rlll/owi'JI! artid~ d"'I'I~luJl~ II k,'y til th"IlI' n..'~~a!l"Il,
    Parauraph' numlwr.• parallel the serial numbers of the 1II1'••SlII!I'S reprinted
    ill /hl' alllll'lIdi.r bt'I,,,,'. This illdlld~s 1/111 ""II' s,'r;,',.--:III lII,d :11'--1111/
    illl'llldl'fl ;11 /hl'pn't'illu~ artie/,'.
    AI every step in Ihe solution we make a I!UP!l~ at Jhe meaning.
    !,:\'ilh'nl'I' will quickly accumulate to verify or refute this 1!1I"~S. The
    1I""sihililv of IImhil!:lIit ~ Ill' IWII l'lInl'il\l"nl I'oillt illnl' i" \'('ry rpmnll'.
    Only in Ih" last sreps. where veriticarion is thin. could this happen.
    l. There nre z l I'ymblll .., in the nrder I!:i\'en bv this messaae.
    :!. Ii is equivalent ttl AA, C ttl AAA, etc. That is , A= 1: B=:!: (' = :1:
    D=-I: !':=r,: F=6: t:=i.
    :1. The s~'mhtll L mean s the twu thinll~ that ("nllo\\' ;HI' 1111' s.une.
    LX Y 1I11':ml' x =~' .
    .1. Em'h Slall'nll'nl hlIS:; s~'lI1hllls. mill ht'llinl' with L. The ·1 symh,.ls
    utter L must he clInsidered all two thinl!:l', Io:m'h statement has a " a"
    Ihl' third It'lll-r, which must 111' I he sl:nl ,,(" ,h., sl'.'"nd thinl(. Is
    H= I<AA: C = KHA: C = KAB: D= KCA'! IfKBA mean" B+A. it tit".
    fi. Th"I'I' \'"rify our l'nndll,.inllS on -I. The til'l'l 1111':1111' Ii= 1 ~- t:!+:\1.
    tlu- las1 IIll'alls I I C! I :11 = II I :!) '.:1.
    H. Elll'h hal' liw symhols '\1' in -I. They 111"'\1\ I=I\I:!I: :!=I\I:II:
    1= l\t:l:.!. Obviouslv :\'1 XY means x - y,
    i. These translate N= I-I: N=2-:!: N=:l-:l, N stands li,r
    zero. U.
    8. These translate 1=011: II=Ot)l: :!sOl:!: 2=0:!1: U=OIl:!:
    U= 0211; <I =022, ere. OXY means the product X X Y.
    9. These ,·"ril).. the conclusions III' 8, The tirst savs that 6= 1X :?x:l,
    thehll't4X(5xGI = (·IXiil x6.
    Nm«; So far we have seen two kinds IIfsymbols: digits A through li
    and N. and operators L, K, M. and 0, The two digits following the
    operator are the operands.
    Ill. Trunslates intn ,,= H2:!: :! ~ H21: I -~ H211: ;1- ItII : I - Itlll.
    HX Y must mean X:. exponentiation. R is another binary operator,
    II. Translates into ~,' "I "'·4; :t'= I I 7; :!' ~:! X·1; :!' -'.1. \'l'ril\inl:
    our previous cunelusions,
    I~. 'I'ranslates into :I'~ 4 1-1); a'=:IX:I. Further vNilil·ali"n.
    Note: In our culture we use parentheses III Ilwul' dllsl'I~' as,;III'ialed
    terms, nnd as II firsl slep il helps,l'ven tlllluj(h il is not lll'I·I'ssarv.'" pUI
    in pureuthese», 'I'll dll Sll uunmhiguously, sturt ut IIII' riuht ;ulIl fl'all
    left III t he first operntur symbol; put parent lu-ses ahllnl IIII' "lll'ralllr
    and the IWII quuutities til ils right. Hepeat unrll nil pair III' pan'nlhl'';I's
    contains more than an operator and two quanrifies.
    la. Translates intll ., =2"; .J= I 17; ·J·I·I ""ax:l; .1 I I :1', t lu-rerllre.
    1 -, H.
    H. We can only introduce parentheses hy assuming I' is an
    IIp!'falur. Sll WI' Ill't ~ I'H·I; 4·- PH:.!; I - 1':1:1; and:1 I'li:!. Thus
    I' X V= X ,. Y.division,
    II). Assurue l/ is an operator, j(ellinj( 'JI~; 112:1; 11:1.1; 11:,11: ,IliIi;
    U7B; U2"a' = l/89. The smaller is tirst in each CIISP; Sll perhaps II XY
    means X precedes Yor X< Y.
    16. The new character (~ must he an operator, Tr:msnilll'd it lliv1's
    usQ: 0=1; Q: 1=3; Q: 1=1+1; Q: O=IXI; (~: 2'=2; q: 2··.:!;
    'l: H(I = 1) II =21; QIQ: :1=31; Q: 8< 7.
    Clearly Q means "the following statement is raise." Then the next III
    the last is read "it is false that :I,c:l." 'll. will be translated ;>!.. '1'111'
    second new symbol is not clear, except that it is an IIperalllr whose
    IIpcrands art! statements, nut quuntities, a BIIlllean operntur.
    NII/": (l is all IIpcratllr with IIl1lyIII1C III11'rallll, unary.
    17. I'ullinll in parentheses shows Ihllt S is alslI a unarv IIp!'falllr
    IIlleralinll III' stutements. Transcribed they art': S: I -- I: S: I· :!:
    S: 2,d II; S: I=IXI; S: 0=1-1; S: UI(ti-" I xui II-li,lill:
    S: III (I II 12-- 211. II is II111J:1rl.'IIt Ihnl S 1II1'IIIIS "till' fllllllWill1: slall'"","
    1 is I rue" IIr "il is :,sSt'rled 1hal." The next III Ilu- lasl IIII';sal:l'
    shllws lhal IIXV IIIl'aIlS"X implies V" ur"X is a l'III1M'lflll'III'I' ut Y"
    IIr mayln- "X is IlIllil'ally equivalent I" Y."
    IH. Dur rule rllr parentheses hrenks down unless 'I' is a difh-rr-ru killd
    III'sy IIIhol, 'I'h,'lirsl lIIessal(l' shllws thai 'I' IIIlly he a unurv "llI'ralllr 1111
    quuntif ies, su Ihat AT or TA is a quantitv, The third IIIl';SIIj!" shll w;
    thaI it musl helhefirst.sillceTislast.l'lI11illllill part'lIllll';I'S Ihis wav
    Ilives 1'1'= I; 2'1'= 1'1'-1-1; liT= 21'+ :1'1'; 6T~: :1'I'x :!T; 7'1'-" 7; urr II.
    T'must he all t'lIllinj(. On line dij(il it makes 11f' diffr-n-nre. II rruuhiru-s
    the IWII dit(ils III III IIIl1keB. Ol:lal nrirhmeu«?
    Ill. Trunseribes III 12:1'1'= I X H' /. I:.! XB'·,· :11;
    :121'1'=:lXB'1 12xB' II xB");
    4!ili7T .., (-1XH' Il)xH', I (liXIl' I 7xH"1.
    ell'arly 'I' illllil,ales Ihal "the IncI'I'dillt( diuits 1111'111 all ",'1011
    number." I'IIssihly it is 1111 llel,,1 pili lit ; if so, dit(ils 1I1:1~' "''1''11' alll'r it.
    S"Il" 11"('alISI' "I" IIU'wnv I!WUllill1: is implied, it is sutlicieut III have a
    ruurkr-r ut IIII' erul "I" a 1II.lIIhN ill order Iu clearly isolat e it as 3 single
    :!II. III I r~'illll I" IIUI on parentheses it appeurs that \' is ulslI all
    ,-,"linl:. lIul I his ,,1\1' rmnhines wit h hul h qunnt it iI's II hal is. dillils,)
    .unl ",,,'ralur. Tr:IIISl'rihill~hy I TI':II jill! Valid IIII' pn'j·,'dilll: s."Inh,,1 as
    a "ill;:'" unit fur IIU' I illll' being, we I(l'l:
    H 1 I A\' implies 7 = AV.
    II\'illll'l' ,/i,r " IIt'TI':lfll'r, Hl'lIIl'lIIbt'r that WI' aft' II'" sure uf Iht'
    "'liS,· "I i hi-, ,i~~II. II - :1" :.!=A\' 11 IUI\'I' ulllilll'd the T,
    111'1111'1111",1' I hal II Tis IIi111'1 ;
    :1 ,\V =, II = AV';
    ;, Av ,Ii I I AV,
    IlIlh"IIl'XI IIIl'"sall" if WI' l'ulUhilll' the 0 and V int» IlIIl' svmhol tlu-
    IIlL'ssa;:" dlll'S not par"" Trv (:OV as UUt' symbol. I(ell illl(
    :\ I I nov -, , :! = (:OV;
    Ii :.!xSl)\'=,:I=SOV;
    :1 1I0V =', II = DeW';
    II is 11'111' that AV I I'V = I'V + AV;
    II is:lllIUllIllI~Y that AV x PV = PV x AV;
    lr is un ielt'lIlil~'llml AV f- II'\' t- '1'\', = lAY -1- I'VI I 1'\';
    II isass,'rH'dlhal A\' X (1'\" x TV\ = (AV -f P\'I +- '1'\';
    1\\' ,. BV, ,AV.- HV", BV AV:
    A\· ... BV,I\V"I,.IlV",
    TIll' 1II,'aninl! lIf V must he that "the preceding letters 3R a group
    han all :Ihsl ra"1 menning, or nre a variable." V is a lilll!' like a word
    Not«: ""llilll! in llan'nlh,'s,'s is now compliented bv nnother rule.
    Ead. T Ill' V should he pm'kal!,'d wit h pn",,'dinll svmhol», .iusl IIIIW
    manv ""III'lIllilll! elll I he pnrsiuu III' IIII' 1II1''Sal:''. Thll"" pn"'l',lilll! 'I' will
    all Ill' c1il~ils. ThllS(' I'n'l'l,t1illll \' run h" I'XIIl"'l!'t1 III rt'II",'ur as" ;:rolll"
    :! I. 1'1111 ill;: pan-nt h,'S!'s in Ih,'s!' IIlI'ssal(l'~ is dillicult UIII il we 1I111 in'
    llial II\' al'p('ars in enrh. Thev then tmnscrihe into:
    II I:! I (jlj)fiV' - I>I>I>V X all = . UVp = DDD\' I
    I:!~- DllI\VI;
    IIVII·, HV1111--' II\' 1=. 11= HV- HV';
    II is true thut IIVIAV-~ BVIIAV", IIVI:
    II is 11'111'Ih"l (J\/IAV <. BVIIHV <. AVI,
    lu onh-r til "111111'1"11' the Ilarsill!! we han In assume that llV was a
    hinurv opr-rut or, alld in every rase the operands ar!' srutements. II is
    d.'ar 'rum Ih., "11:,'hr,, Ih,,1 trV means "or.' The last IIII'SSa!!!' shows
    I hal II nu-nns < , nuher Ihan < as I han it ,

    The owls are not what they seem.

    The owls are not what they seem.

    The owls are not what they seem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holy Moment View Post
    The owls are not what they seem.

    The owls are not what they seem.

    The owls are not what they seem.

    Big Twin Peaks fan, are you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tranquil Suit View Post
    Big Twin Peaks fan, are you?
    Not anymore. Now I watch Bob's Burgers and old Iron Man episodes on Youtube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminated View Post
    Ask thy self..... are you happy with what's going on around you?
    Why Yes I am

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminated View Post
    No troll here my friend, I'm just a nice soul trying to help you lost humans find the meaning of this realm.


    I hope you have ur Umbrealla ...Ella...Ella.
    If you can't keep a straight face through the end of the gag, don't even bother to waste our time trying to tell the joke.

    Even as an April Fool's joke version of a troll, you are sucking pretty badly.

    Go practice on youtube until you can maintain tone and maybe we'll let you try again next year.

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    I'm sensing an Illuminatard.

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