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    Setting a Foundation: Efficient Iron Skills Routines?

    For all of the iron palmists out there, I started this thread so that I wouldn't jumble up Dale's thread about his DVD series.

    Right now I'm in a good training routine that is sustainable:

    -Weight-lift 2-3x per week

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    -BJJ 3x per week
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    -Iron palm 1-2x per day (includes meditation for 5-10mins and qi gung for 5-10mins)
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    I'm thinking that I would hate to spend years toughening my hands, and then realize that it works, and I regret not adding a little extra time to toughen other body parts as well. Forearms and shins seem pretty essential to the former kickboxer in me.

    Can anyone describe in detail their iron skills routine, how much time it takes etc? I'm trying to set up some habits to build a good foundation.

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    I know we already talked about this some in Dale's thread. I guess we should have done what you did a little while ago.

    Unfortunately, I primarily train by myself these days. I have moved away from where I was studying regularly, so I am always looking for creative ways to stay on top of my game.

    I will re-emphasize the need for a good sand bag or two. My workouts would usually consist of some warm-ups: walking, stance work, shadowboxing. Then I would usually run through all my forms which gives me a good cardio workout and gets the chi flowing nicely. I usually end my workouts doing various things with a hanging sand bag (punches, elbows, knees, hand combinations). I do not wear gloves while punching the sand bag for a couple of reasons: 1. obviously, I am trying to condition my fists. 2. I rarely skin my knuckles on a canvas type sand bag as I would if I hit a regular heavy bag un-protected. I also really like the solid feel of hitting a sand bag. As a pretty skinny guy, I have small wrists, and hitting the sand bag regularly has strengthened my wrists considerably to the point I throw full power punches without spraining my wrists (or for that matter spraining a finger). I do a lot of static work, meaning the bag is just hanging there. I also will get it swinging pretty good and do various methods of stopping it (re-direction, deflection, elbow/forearm checks). If I don't have time for a full workout, I always opt for at least doing the bag work.

    I have, as of yet, been able to afford a wooden dummy, but I used to have a pvc pole about 10" in diameter buried in my back yard that I would do the 3 Star on. I did not cement it in, but buried a good 4 feet of it in the ground so it still had a little play in it when striking. I got one of those foam yoga blocks (basically a dense foam brick) and cut two vertical slits in it closer to one side so that I could run two straps through it. I could then put this on the pole and tighten the straps so it was fairly secure to the pole. I use this for focused punches. It doesn't really condition much, but has a nice feel when you punch it with just enough give, and I can take it off when not in use.

    Not really iron body, but you metion weight training so.. I don't do too much resistance work, but I love my kettlebells. They are great for when you have a busy schedule. You can get a total body workout in 15 minutes or less.

    So in summation as my sifu would say: "Sandbag, sandbag, sandbag" :)


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