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    Quote Originally Posted by Ming Loyalist View Post
    sorry dude, you're not making a lot of sense. if you want to read what i wrote and make arguments about why i am incorrect, that would be great. what you wrote above is nothing more than an angry rant.

    and der, all that proves is something that i have said many times: the japanese educational system does a terrible job and needs to be changed to teach the dark side of japanese history. something i have been personally involved in changing, as i have pointed out.
    Your second point about der isn't in disagreement with me, but the problem goes deeper. Imperialism isn't dead in Japan. In fact, its still prevalent in the elite. Probably why the education system hasn't changed yet.

    Honestly I didn't read most of this thread, typical dwkfym style. All I am saying is, its pretty retarded that a substantial portion of Americans don't know why that is fucked up, seeing how America fought Japan in a ginormous war so recent as to a bit over half century ago. Ignorant is the best way to sum it up.

    sometimes angry rants still have insights. Logically, yeah, the BOP is on the guy trying to convince another person. Even if it is a seeing person explaining to a blind guy that the sky is blue. Yeah, between the blind guy and you, you may lose, but the blind guy is the one who remains unaware.
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    i don't think that it's too much to ask for you to read the thread before posting.

    everything you talk about has been gone over, and if you have any new arguments to make, i would love to hear them.
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