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    BOXING FIGHT PREVIEWS - with ratings and TV schedule (updated weekly)

    By request, I'm posting previews of each week's notable boxing fights here. I will also compile the results in a separate thread with reference to this one.

    The general point of this thread is to give you a general overview of the important fights each week. Each fight is accompanied by a 5 star scale rating. This rating is based on how good I think each fight will be ó and as such it is subjective.

    If a fight is on television, I will list the network you can watch it on, as well as the time the broadcast starts. While some of these fights aren't on television, sometimes you can find video that is posted on the Internet afterwards.

    Feedback on this thread is appreciated. Without further adieu:

    THURSDAY 21 MARCH 2013

    Location: Budapest, Hungary
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    Hungary heavyweight title
    12 Rounds
    Zoltan Petranyi 48(14)-20 vs. Attila Palko 16(13)-4

    This fight doesnít have a whole lot of world level significance going for it, but as a European domestic fight, itís interesting enough.

    46-year-old Petranyi has an ugly record. Though he only has a 21% KO ratio, heís on a 12 fight win streak with 6 of his last 7 fights ending by KO. In fact, he hasnít lost a fight since 2007. His best career wins are over Zoltan Somosi, Norbert Sallai, and Vitaliy Natiosov.

    Palko is 20 years younger than Petranyi. However, heís also 4-2 in his last 6 fights, and has no significant wins. Still, he has a 65% KO ratio and is coming off a KO win. His four losses are to Hizni Altunkaya, David Graf, Matty Askin, and Youri Kayembre Kalenga. Most worrying for Palko is that all of his losses have come by KO.

    Prediction: by KO6.

    Location: Kiev, Ukraine
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
    vacant WBC International light welterweight title
    12 Rounds
    Viktor Postol 21(10)-0 vs. Hank Lundy 22(11)-2-1

    Not very many people in North America know who 29-year-old Postol is, but Iím telling you right now that heís good. Iím not saying heís Danny Garcia good ó but heís at least good enough to offer anyone in the division a good fight.
    With a 48% KO ratio, Postol is coming off a KO win. Thus far in his career he has wins over Henry Aurad, Yvan Mendy, Jose Lopez, Artem Ayvazidi, and Karen Tevosyan.

    Facing off against him is 29-year-old Hammeriní Hank ó whoís well known to fight fans from his many appearances on Friday Night Fights. Hank was oh-so-close to a title shot, but got derailed when he lost a close MD to Raymundo Beltran. Lundy has decent wins over Dannie Williams, David Diaz, Patrick Lopez, Omri Lowther, and the previously undefeated Tyrese Hendrix. Besides Beltran, Lundyís other loss is to John Molina. The draw is to Darnell Jiles Jr.

    This should be a great styles match-up. Postol is a technician of the Eastern European mould, while Lundy is a come forward scrapper who likes to overwhelm his opponents with high volume.

    Prediction: Postol by UD.

    FRIDAY 22 MARCH 2013

    Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Television: WealthTV (USA)
    Time: 7:00PM ET / 4:00PM PT

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    Super middleweight
    10 Rounds
    Adonis Stevenson 19(16)-1 vs. Darnell Boone 19(8)-20-3 II

    I know what youíre thinking. Stevenson is fighting against a tomato can. Whoever booked this match-up should be ashamed of themselves! However, Boone remains the only fighter to have defeated Stevenson ó and he did so by emphatic TKO2!
    35-year-old Stevenson, of course, is the IBF #1 super middleweight and should have his title shot soon. However, Stevenson is looking to avenge is lone defeat this weekend. Should Stevenson win this fight, he should fight the winner of Froch-Kessler.

    Stevenson has an 80% KO ratio with 9 of his last 10 fights won by KO. Since losing to Boone, Stevenson has been on a 6 fight win streak. Wins on his resume include victories over Don George, Noe Gonzalez Alcoba, Jesus Gonzales, Aaron Pryor Jr, and Shujaa El Amin.

    Though Boone remains Stevensonís lone conqueror, his record sure isnít pretty. Heís got more losses than wins, is on a 3 fight loss streak, and is 2-4 in his last 6 fights. However, what lurks behind this record is an astounding fact: Boone has handed 6 fighters their first loss.

    Including Stevenson, Boone has recent wins over Derrick Webster, Adonis Stevenson, Calvin Green, Louis Turner, and the previously win over undefeated Willie Monroe Jr. Booneís recent losses were against Derrick Webster, Sergey Kovalev (twice), Dyah Davis, Marco Antonio Periban, and Brandon Gonzales.

    Prediction: Stevenson by KO4.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    WBO NABO light heavyweight title
    NABA light heavyweight title
    12 Rounds
    Eleider Alvarez 11(7)-0 vs. Nicholson Poulard 19(9)-3

    This fight might mean that Canada has another light heavyweight contender.

    Yes, Alvarez is on the cusp of cracking the top 10 in his division, but he still needs to build up his resume. He has a 64% KO ratio and is on a 2 fight KO streak. Though his career is quite young, he has wins against Danny McIntosh, Shawn Hawk, and Emiliano Cayetano.

    Poulard has nowhere near the potential of Alvarez but is still a real threat. He has a vastly lower KO ratio than Alvarez at 43%, and is coming off a KO win. On the flipside, heís on a 6 fight win streak. His two best two wins are a controversial win over Lionell Thompson and a more definitive victory against Martin Berthiaume. As for his losses, 2 of them happened within his first 3 fights. They were to Sebastien Demers, David Whittom (by MD), ad the unheralded Jason Aaker.

    Prediction: Alvarez by KO7.

    Location: Berlin, Germany
    Television: Eurosport (EU)
    Time: 4:00PM ET / 1:00PM PT

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    IBF Inter-Continental heavyweight title
    12 Rounds
    Odlanier Solis 18(12)-1 vs. Leif Larsen 17(14)-0

    Solisí career had a lot of momentum until it was derailed by a loss to Vitali Klitschko ó which happened due to a leg injury that occurred in R1. Thereís no shame in that, but heís 32-years-old and you got to wonder if heíll ever get a title shot again.

    Thereís no question, though, that Solis is very good. Heís an amateur legend and won a gold medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. His pro resume is as good as other heavyweight contenders: wins over Konstantin Airich, Ray Austin, Carl Davis Drumond, Monte Barrett, and Kevin Burnett.

    Larsen is 5 years older than Solis. Heís a bit of an athletic renaissance man. In addition to boxing, Larsen has also competed in shot put and American football. In fact, he once played for the Buffalo Bills. In 2003, he retired from football to pursue a career in boxing.

    Since then, though heís undefeated, his career hasnít really gone anywhere. Donít get me wrong, Larsen has an 82% KO ratio and is on a 6 KO streak. However, his only important win has been against Danny Williams.

    Should Larsen win, his career would gain tremendous momentum.

    Prediction: Solis by KO10.

    Location: Accra, Ghana
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    vacant IBO bantamweight title
    12 Rounds
    Joseph Agbeko 28(22)-4 vs. Luis Melendez 34(25)-8-1

    This fight was supposed to happen two weeks ago, but it was postponed. Hence, Iím just going to copy and paste what Iíve previously written.

    Finally, 31-year-old Agbeko has got himself away from his contract with Don King ó and is now fighting once again for a world title.

    On top of his difficulties with King, Agbekoís career recently has been rocky. 3 of his last 4 fights were losses, albeit 2 of those losses were controversial. He avenged one of those losses (to Yonnhy Perez), although the rematch against Abner Mares was a decisive defeat for Agbeko.

    Still, Agbeko has an impressive 69% KO ratio. He also has good wins over Vic Darchinyan, William Gonzalez, Luis Alberto Perez, Fidencio Reyes, and Cedric Conway. His losses were to Abner Mares (twice), Yonnhy Perez, Volodymyr Sydorenko (by MD).

    Opposing him is Melendez whoís coming off a loss to Julio Ceja. Melendez is 4-2 in his last 6 fights. The best wins in his career were over Devis Perez, Yogli Herrera, and Pedro Rincon Miranda. Besides his loss to Ceja, Melendez has losses to Alexander Bakhtin, Michael Domingo, Jesus Ruiz, Z Gorres, Fernando Montiel, Cecilio Santos, and Eduardo Pacheco. His lone draw is to Felix Flores.

    Prediction: Agbeko by KO9.

    Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Television: ESPN2 (USA)
    Time: 10:00PM ET / 7:00PM PT

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    10 Rounds
    Adrian Granados 11(7)-2-1 vs. Kermit Cintron 33(28)-5-1

    Iím not really looking forward to this fight, but itís a crossroads fight that would prove something.

    And 23-year-old Granados definitely needs a test. Despite his record, Granados has never been definitively beat. His loss to Frankie Gomez was by MD and Jose Juan Fuentes was by SD.

    More positively, Granados is on a 3 fight win streak, including 2 KOs during his last 2 fights. In his last 6 fights, heís 4-1-1. The best win on his resume is over Antonio Canas. He drew to Lanardo Tyner.

    On paper, it looks like 33-year-old Cintron should take this, but recently heís looked completely shot. In his prime, he was an IBF welterweight titlist. Most recently, heís recorded wins over Antwone Smith, Juliano Ramos, Alfredo Angulo, Lovemore Ndou, Jesse Feliciano, and Walter Dario Matthysse. Despite the fact his career has taken a dip, Cintron still has a 72% KO ratio.

    But thereís no question Cintron looks shot. Heís 3-3 in his last 6 fights and coming off a loss to Canelo Alvarez. He also looked positively sluggish against Carlos Molina. Against Paul Williams, things took a bizarre twist when he literally flew out of the ring. Beyond that, heís had two losses to Antonio Margarito.

    So now Cintron is fight FNF-calibre events. Letís see if he has anything left in the tank.

    Prediction: Cintron by KO6

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    Super middleweight
    10 Rounds
    Don George 24(21)-3-1 vs. David Alonso Lopez 41(23)-13

    This ó this! ó is the reason to tune into FNF.
    28-year-old George is pure entertainment. He is 4-2 in his last 6 fights, has a 75% KO ratio, and is coming off a KO win. But what makes Don George worth watching is his last loss. Last October, George fought Adonis Stevenson in an IBF eliminator. He was dropped twice in R5, once in R6, and twice more in the final minute of R12 ó before finally being stopped.

    Through every punishing round, George refused to give up and refused to lose. He even told his trainer ó whoís also his dad ó that if he stopped the fight, he would never speak to him again.

    Georgeís resume includes wins over James Cook, Dionisio Miranda, Maxell Taylor, Osumanu Adama, Phil Williams, and the previously undefeated Cornelius White. Besides Stevenson, his other losses are to Edwin Rodriguez and Francisco Sierra.

    As for Lopez, donít judge a book by its cover. Yes, he has 13 losses, but almost all of them happened before 2001. For the last 12 years, heís only lost 3 times, and heís actually 5-1 in his last 6 fights. Whoís he lost to since then? Austin Trout (in 2011), Fulgencio Zuniga (in 2005), and Danny Batchelder (in 2002).

    As for his most recent wins, they are over Michel Rosales, Saul Roman, Ossie Duran, Samuel Miller, Billy Lyell, and the previously undefeated Michael Walker.

    Prediction: George by KO10.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    6 Rounds
    Paul Littleton 6(4)-0-1 vs. Roberto Jose Acevedo 7(4)-0

    For both fighters, this could be their first significant win ó and I must commend them for putting their undefeated records on the line. Whatís notable about this fight is that both of them are 26-years-old whil also having identical KO ratios at 57%.

    As stated previously, Littleton has no significant wins, but has drawn against a high calibre fighter in Darnell Wilson.

    As for Acevedo, though heís fought nobody notable, his record is perfect.

    Prediction: Acevedo by UD.

    SATURDAY 23 MARCH 2013

    Location: Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
    Television: Epix / EpixHD.com (USA), BoxNation (UK), ARD (Germany)
    Time: 4:00PM ET / 1:00PM PT

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    WBO super middleweight title
    12 Rounds
    Arthur Abraham 36(28)-3 vs. Robert Stieglitz 43(24)-3 II

    I am pumped for this fight! Abraham-Stieglitz was one of 2012ís Fight Of The Year candidates ó and I canít wait to see whatís in store!

    In the first fight, Stieglitz was the titlist, and Abraham was the challenger. It had furious back and forth action with an identifiable pattern. In each round, Stieglitz would pepper Abraham with combos during the first two minutes. Abraham would wait patiently while in the high guard till Stieglitz tired, then explode suddenly with hard shots. Abraham took the title ó and the public demanded a rematch.

    33-year-old Abraham is one of boxingís true badasses. He once fought an entire fight with a broken jaw ó and won. He also is a former IBF middleweight titlist who made 10 successful title defenses. When he had enough of the middleweights, he moved up to super middleweight to participate in the Super Six.

    Unfortunately, the Super Six also exposed Abrahamís limitations. Despite being the favourite, he lost to Andre Dirrell, Carl Froch, and Andre Ward. People wondered if his campaign at super middleweight would be a bust, but Abraham has justified his move by winning the WBO title against Stieglitz.

    Abraham has a 72% KO ratio and is coming off a KO win. Heís also 5-1 in his last 6 fights, and is on a 4 fight win streak. Besides Stieglitz, Abraham recently has beaten Mehdi Bouadla, Piotr Wilczewski, Pablo Oscar Natalio Farias, and Stjepan Bozic.

    Stieglitz, for his part, is looking for credibility. Though he is a former WBO titlist, heís never had a win over someone as high calibre as Abraham. A win here would win him much-needed respect.

    Stieglitz is 5-1 in his last 6 fights. He has a 52% KO ratio and is coming off a KO win. He has recent wins over Michal Nieroda, Nader Hamdan, Henry Weber, Khoren Gevor, Enrique Ornelas. Besides Abraham, his other losses are to Librado Andrade and Alejandro Berrio.

    Prediction: Abraham by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    WBO European middleweight title
    12 Rounds
    Lukas Konecny 48(23)-4 vs. Karim Achour 14(3)-3-2

    This is a watchable European continental-level fight.

    I canít imagine that a whole lot will happen to Konecny if he wins but he is moving up to middleweight after spending the bulk of his career at light middleweight.

    34-year-old Konecny is coming off a loss to Zaurbek Baysangurov in a WBO light middleweight title challenge. Other than that, heís 5-1 in his last 6 fights. Some good names he has wins over are Salim Larbi, Hussein Bayram, Hamlet Petrosyan, Matthew Hall, and Ionut Trandafir Ilie. Heís lost to Zaurbek Baysangurov, Serhiy Dzinziruk, Michele Piccirillo, Ruben Varon (by SD).

    Achour, 8 years younger, seeks to take his best scalp should he win this. But itís going to be a hard task.

    For starters, Achour only has a 16% KO ratio thought heís coming off a KO win. He is, however, 5-1 in his last 6 fights. The most notable wins heís had are over Francois Bastient and Damien Bertu. Achour is more known, though, for losing to Martin Murray. As for his other losses they were to journeymen Nabil Bouneb and Hadillah Mohoumadi ó both 2-0 when they fought Achour. His draws were against Hadillah Mohoumadi and Martin Owono.

    Prediction: Konecny by UD.

    Location: Uruapan, MichoacŠn de Ocampo, Mexico
    Television: Televisa (Mexico & USA)
    Time: 10:00PM ET / 7:00PM PT

    Pre-fight rating: ★
    vacant WBC Continental Americas middleweight title
    Marco Antonio Rubio 56(49)-6-1 vs. Marcus Upshaw 15(7)-8-2

    Iím not looking forward to this fight, but itís here because Rubio-Upshaw is the main event. Upshaw is 2-4-1 in his last 6 fights.

    Mind you, last week I saw the IBF #11 get upset by a guy who lost his last 6 fights. Anything is possible. But Iíd be shocked ó shocked! ó if Rubio were to lose this fight.

    Prediction: Rubio by KO5.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    vacant WBC International welterweight title
    12 Rounds
    Mahonri Montes 27(20)-1-1 vs. Jose Lopez 17(10)-3-1

    This is the real reason for tuning in.

    23-year-old Montes is a prospect whoís hit a snag. Last year, he lost a points decision against career journeyman Silverio Ortiz, and had all the win sucked out of his sails. Since then, heís been on a 2 fight win streak and is slowly returning his way to contention.

    To put a positive spin on Montes, he has a 69% KO ratio and has a puncherís chance every time he steps in the ring. He has two good wins against Gabriel Martinez and the previously undefeated Pablo Lugo. He drew to journeyman Baladan Trevizo 6 years ago.

    Lopez has less promise than Montes. Then again, despite being one year younger, he has fight better opposition than Montes.

    Lopez is 3-3 in his last 6 fights, and has a much lower KO ratio at 48%. On the flipside, he has wins against Jose Emilio Perea, Jorge Paez Jr, Jhonny Navarrete, and Cesar Soto. His 3 losses were also to better opposition: Humberto Soto, Viktor Postol, and Jhonny Navarrete (by MD). All these losses were to very good opponents, and he lasted the distance each tome.

    Prediction: Lopez by UD.

    Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Television: TV 8 (Russia)

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    WBC Baltic middleweight title
    10 Rounds
    Andrey Meryasev 12(11)-0 vs. Alexey Ribchev 14(4)-4-1

    Either weíre about to see an impressive middleweight prospect coming on the scene or weíre going to see him get exposed.

    Look at the KO ratio of 25-year-old Meryasev. Itís at 92%. Looks fantastic, right? Except, Meryasev has not yet fought anyone of note. If he KOs Ribchev ó or at least wins against him ó we might have another Gennady Golovkin on our hands.

    Ribchev, 5 years older, has a 21% KO ratio but is coming off a KO win. Heís also 5-1 in his last 6 fights, and is on a 2 fight win streak. Ribchev has 3 important wins on his resume: victories against Crispulo Javier Andino, Matthew Hall, and Blas Miguel Martinez. His losses are to losses to Anthony Fitzgerald, Fatah Baghban, Jack Culcay, and Dariusz Sek. As for his lone draw, it was to Ilir Mustafa.

    Prediction: Meryasev by KO8.

    Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    Super bantamweight
    12 Rounds
    Jeffrey Mathebula 26(14)-4-2 vs. Takalani Ndlovu 33(18)-8 III

    This is a crossroads fight. Both these guys are former world titlists who are trying to prove that they can still be relevant on the world scene.

    But whatís also interesting is the unfinished business at play. Mathebula beat Ndlovu in their last fight, but Ndlovu was the winner in the first match. Both times they fought, the winner was determined by split decision ó so there hasnít been a definitive loss.

    33-year-old Mathebula is coming off a loss to Nonito Donaire ó in a fight in which Donaire managed to break Mathebulaís jaw. In that fight, Mathebula lost his IBF title ó a title he gained from beating Ndlovu. To his credit, Mathebula went the distance with one of the best P4P fighters in boxing.

    Mathebula is 4-2 in his last 6 fights. Besides Ndlovu, he has wins over Oscar Chauke, Julio Zarate, Yoshinori Miyata, and Themba Tshicila. His most losses are to Nonito Donaire, Takalani Ndlovu, Celestino Caballero, and Thomas Mashaba. As for his 2 draws, they are to Malcolm Klassen and Bonani Hlwatika.

    Ndlovu, 2 years older, is a former IBF and IBO super bantamweight titlist. I suspect heís on the downslide of his career since heís on a 2 fight loss streak and is 3-3 in last 6 fights.

    His career is very respectable, though. Notable wins on his resume are over Giovanni Caro, Steve Molitor, Jeffrey Mathebula, Kiko Martinez, and Oscar Chauke. His recent losses are to Alejandro Lopez, Jeffrey Mathebula, Steve Molitor (twice) Fernando Beltran. The losses to Mathebula and Beltran were by SD.

    Prediction: Mathebula by SD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    12 Rounds
    Vusi Malinga 20(12)-4-1 vs. Diarh Gabutan 18(9)-1-2

    This is another crossroads fight.

    33-year-old Malinga is coming off a loss to Leo Santa Cruz ó a fight in which Malinga challenged for an IBF bantamweight world title. This wasnít his only attempt at a world title. He also previously challenged for the WBC title. The question here is whether he can do enough for one last run at a title.

    What you canít take away from Malinga are his wins. He has notable victories over Michael Domingo, Veeraphol Sahaprom, Sergio Victor Caruso, Andrey Kostin, and the previously undefeated Fadhili Majiha. His losses were to Leo Santa Cruz, Hozumi Hasegawa, Sonnyboy Magazi, and Godfrey Takalani. He also drew once against Zerofit Jerope.

    Gabutan, 9 years younger, hasnít yet challenged for a title, but if he were to get Malinga as a scalp, heís moving ever so close to contention.

    Gabutan is on a 9 fight win streak. Though he has a 43% KO ratio, 3 of his last 4 fights have ended by KO. His two most important victories are against Lande Olin and Paul Apolinario. He lost once to Richard Pumicpic. As for his draws, they were to Christian Golez and Esmalben Bujas.

    Prediction: Gabutan by UD.

    MONDAY 25 March 2013

    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    Japanese welterweight title
    12 Rounds
    Suyon Takayama 17(7)-1 vs. Moon Hyun Yun 14(2)-2-1

    I love these fights at Korakuen Hall ó which remains one of the most legendary venues in boxing. If youíve ever seen Hajime no Ippo, you know what Iím saying.

    27-year-old Takayama is making his first defense of his Japanese welterweight title. If he wins, he just might make enough noise on the international scene. Since losing to Yuichi Ideta by close SD, Takayama has been on a 5 fight win streak. As it stands, heís close to clearing out the Japanese domestic scene with wins over Koshinmaru Saito, Toru Chiba, and Toru Chiba.

    Similar to Takayama, Yun is also 4-1 in his last 6 fights, though heís ďonlyĒ riding a 2 fight win streak. He, too, has notable wins on his resume, including victories over Nobuyuki Shindo, Tetsuya Suzuki, and Kengo Nagashima. His losses are to Yusuke Kikuchi and Kota Koike. His lone draw came against Yuji Wauke.

    Prediction: Takayama by UD.

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    I love this thread.

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    FRIDAY 29 MARCH 2013

    Location: Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    Super featherweight
    8 Rounds
    Ermano Fegatilli 26(5)-5 vs. Karim Chakim 25(11)-8 III

    This is the third fight between these two guys, and they each have a win and a loss apiece. Both fighters have a lot in common. Theyíre both 5-1 in their last 6 fights, and they both have a low KO ratio (Fegatilli is 16% compared with Chakimís 33%).

    Since losing, 28-year-old Fegatilli has bounced back with a win. Fegatilli has wins over Antonio De Vitis (twice), Innocent Anyanwu, Stephen Foster, and Jesus Garcia Escalon. Heís lost to Devis Boschiero, Vitali Tajbert, Jesus Garcia Escalona, and Karim Chakim.

    Chakim is 9 years older, and heís coming off a loss. His most recent wins were over Antonio Joao Bento, Younes Bouiksain, Simone Califano, Mohammed Medjadji (twice), and Ivan Fiorletta. As for losses, almost all of happened before 2008 but in his last fight he lost to Romain Jacob.

    Chakim by UD.

    Location: Verona, New York, USA
    Television: USA ESPN2
    Time: 9:00PM ET / 6:00PM PT
    Pre-fight rating: ★
    10 Rounds
    Brian Vera 22(13)-6 vs. Donatas Bondorovas 17(6)-3-1

    Brian Vera is coming off the best win in his career. On Friday Night fights, he defeated Serhiy Dzinziruk by TKO10.

    Unfortunately, this fight is a big step backwards for Vera. Though Bondorovas is on a 3 fight KO streak, he simply hasnít fought the class of opposition that Vera has. Heís going to be cannon fodder.

    Prediction: Vera by KO6.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    Light heavyweight
    10 Rounds
    Jackson Junior 14(12)-0 vs. Umberto Savigne 10(7)-1

    Iíve been keeping my eye on 27-year-old Jackson for a good long time. Iíve watched as heís decimated domestic competition, the followed up the feat by making his mark on the South American continental scene. This will be the first time heís fought outside Brazil.

    I know Jackson primarily through YouTube, and Iíve been eagerly awaiting what will happen once he steps up his opposition. Jackson has an 86% KO ratio with 12 of his last 13 fights won by KO. His best wins so far have come against Jose Alberto Clavero, Walter Javier Crucce, Pedro Otas, Marcus Vinicius de Oliveira. Otas and Clavero were both previously undefeated.

    Savigne, 7 years older, is also a puncher. He has a 64% KO ratio with 2 of his last 3 fights won by KO. His last win was a controversial decision against Dhafir Smith, though heís had more definitive victories against Richard Hall, Frank Paines, and Epifanio Mendoza. His lone loss is to Harvey Jolly.

    Prediction: Junior KO6.

    SATURDAY 30 MARCH 2013

    Location: Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico
    Television: Televisa (Mexico)
    Time: 10:00PM ET / 7:00PM PT
    Pre-fight rating: ★
    IBF minimumweight title
    12 Rounds
    Mario Rodriguez 15(11)-6-4 vs. Katsunari Takayama 24(10)-6

    You wouldnít know just from looking at his record that Rodriguez is the #1 ranked minimumweight in the world.

    But after defeating former #1 Nkosinathi Joyi, thatís what he is. And while Rodriguez has a tricky record, Takayama does not. Donít get me wrong, heís a former WBC minimumweight titlist, but heís really fallen off since that time.

    Rodriguez is going to destroy Takayama.

    Prediction: Rodriguez by KO2.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    vacant WBC Silver light flyweight title
    12 Rounds
    Raul Garcia 33(21)-2-1 vs. Pedro Guevara 18(13)-1-1
    Ideally, the winner of this match will fight Adrian Hernandez.

    30-year-old Garcia is a former 2x minimumweight titlist whoís held the IBF and WBO belts. After being defeated by current WBO minimumweight titlist Moises Fuentes by close SD, Garcia has decided to move up in weight. So far, heís done all right for himself. Heís since compiled 3 straight wins all by KO. In his last 6 fights, he is 5-1.

    Garciaís best recent wins are against Michael Landero, Rommel Asenjo, Sammy Gutierrez, Ronald Barrera, and the previously undefeated Luis De la Rosa. Besides Fuentes, Garcia has also lost to Nkosinathi Joyi.

    Guevara, for his part, is coming off a loss to John Riel Casimero in an IBF title challenge. In his last 6 fights, he is 4-1-1. He hasnít faced nearly the same calibre of competition as Garcia, but he has victories over Jose Guadalupe Martinez, Manuel Jimenez, Jorle Estrada, and Karluis Diaz. Besides losing to Casimero, Guevara drew against Mario Rodriguez.

    Prediction: Garcia by UD.

    Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco
    Television: Integrated Sports / GFL.tv (USA), Sport 1 (Hungary)
    Time: 3:00PM ET / 12:00PM PT
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    WBA World middleweight title
    IBO middleweight title
    12 Rounds
    Gennady Golovkin 25(22)-0 vs. Nobuhiro Ishida 24(9)-8-2

    I love watching Golovkin, but the truth is Iím not expecting much from this fight. I mean, itís not beyond the realm of possibility that Ishida could pull an upset ó he already did against James Kirkland ó but if weíre being really honest, Golovkin should blow Ishida out of the water.

    30-year-old Golovkin has become an unholy terror in the middleweight division. He has an 88% KO ratio with 12 of his last 13 won by KO. His most recent list of victims are Gabriel Rosado, Grzegorz Proksa, Lajuan Simon, Kassim Ouma, and Nilson Julio Tapia.

    Ishida, 7-years-older, is best known for KOing James Kirkland in the 1st round. Afterwards, he challenged for a WBO middleweight title but lost against Dmitry Pirog, then subsequently lost to Paul Williams. In fact, Ishida is 3-3 in his last 6 fights.

    Besides Kirkland, Ishidaís most notable recent wins are against Marco Antonio Avendano (twice), Tatsuki Kawasaki (twice), Javier Alberto Mamani, and Tatsuki Kawasaki. Ishida recently lost to Dmitry Pirog, Paul Williams, Rigoberto Alvarez (by SD), Crazy Kim (twice), and Nader Hamdan.

    Prediction: Golovkin by KO3.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    EBU (European) light middleweight title
    12 Rounds
    Sergey Rabchenko 22(16)-0 vs. Adriano Nicchi 20(9)-3-2
    27-year-old Rabchenko has established himself as a continental power in the light middleweight division, and heís on the precipice of world title contention. As it stands, I think he has a decent chance against Ishe Smith and Zaurbek Baysangurov should he win this fight.

    Rabchenko has a 73% KO ratio with 4 of his last 5 fights ending by KO. His best wins so far have been against Cedric Vitu, Ryan Rhodes, Ronny Gabel, Bradley Pryce, and Roman Dzhuman.

    32-year-old Nicchi, meanwhile, has won his last 8 fights. While he has a 36% KO ratio, heís on a 2 fight KO streak. But what also makes this fight intriguing is that Nicchi has handed 4 fighters their first loss. Could Rabchenko be Undefeated Fighter #5 to taste defeat?

    Nicchi has wins over Antonio Santoro, Domenico Salvemini, Salvatore Annunziata (twice), Cristiano Bonacci, and Francesco Di Fiore. Santoro, Salvemini, Bonacci, and Di Fiore were all previously undefeated. His losses were to Lenny Bottai, Gheorghe Danut (by DQ), and Goran Milenkovic (during Nicchiís debut). As for his draws, they were to Fabio Liggieri (technical) and Giuseppe Langella.

    Prediction: Rabchenko by KO 10

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
    Super middleweight
    10 Rounds
    Edwin Rodriguez 22(15)-0 vs. Ezequiel Osvaldo Maderna 19(13)-0
    Both these guys are red hot prospects, and theyíre taking a tremendous risk by participating in the Super Four tournament.

    27-year-old Rodriguez is the man whoís most known to American TV audiences since heís fought on both HBO and Showtime. He has a 68% KO ratio and is coming off a KO win. Recent wins include victories over Jason Escalera, Don George, Will Rosinsky, Chris Traietti, and Aaron Pryor Jr. Escalera and Rosinsky were both previously undefeated.

    Maderna, one year younger, has an identical KO ratio to Rodriguez and is also coming off a KO win. He has victories over Ruben Eduardo Acosta (twice), Jorge Rodriguez Olivera, Martin Abel Bruer, Richard Emanuel Moray Martinez, and Crispulo Javier Andino. Martinez and Andino were both previously undefeated.

    Prediction: Rodriguez by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
    Light heavyweight
    10 Rounds
    Zsolt Erdei 33(18)-0 vs. Denis Grachev 12(8)-1-1

    These are the other participants in the Super 4 tournament, and this match-up is just as intriguing.

    38-year-old Erdei remains undefeated and has a claim on the light heavyweight lineal championship. He is also a 2 division titlist having held the WBO title at light heavyweight and the WBC title at cruiserweight. So far, he has fought in 12 title fights and won them all.

    Erdei has a 55% KO ratio and is coming off a KO win. Recently, he has wins over Byron Mitchell, Samson Onyango, Giacobbe Fragomeni, Yuriy Barashian, and DeAndrey Abron.

    As for Grachev, itís easy to look at his record and dismiss him. But if you looked in greater detail at his record, you will see that though heís coming off a loss to Lucian Bute, he gave Bute everything he could handle. He also shocked everyone by KOing hot prospect Ismyal Sillakh.

    The other notable wins on his resume are against Vladine Biosse and Azea Augustama ó both of whom were previously undefeated. Grachev has a slightly higher KO ratio than Grachev at 57%.

    Prediction: Erdei by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    10 Rounds
    Ilunga Makabu 12(12)-1 vs. Jean Marc Monrose 25(15)-6

    People can say whatever they want about this one. I say it will be a fun fight.

    Since being defeated in his debut, 25-year-old Makabu has been on a 12 fight KO streak. During that time, heís beat Gogita Gorgiladze, Michael Gbenga, Pedro Otas, and Danie Venter. All said, Makabu is a pretty fun cruiserweight prospect.

    Monrose, 6 years older, is playing the gatekeeper here. He once was a contender, but has since gone 1-5 in his last 6 fights. Even so, you got to consider who heís lost to: Grigory Drozd, Zinedine Benmakhouf, Steve Herelius (twice by TD & MD), and Marco Huck. Heís gone the distance with all these fighters except Huck (in which he lost by TKO12). That says something.

    Even if Monrose has an ugly record, he still has good wins under his belt, including victories over Johny Jensen, Aime Bafounta, Aime Bafounta, Kamel Amrane, Alessio Sakara. Jensen and Sakara were previously undefeated.

    If Makabu is any prospect of substance, he must beat Monrose.

    Prediction: Makabu by KO10.

    Location: Krasnodar, Russia
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★

    WBC CIS and Slovenian Boxing Bureau (CISBB) cruiserweight title
    12 Rounds
    Dmitry Kudryashov 7(7)-0 vs. Levan Jomardashvili 29(20)-8

    Hereís another cruiserweight prospect worth keeping an eye on. 27-year-old Kudryashov has a 100% KO ratio. The caveat with this statistic is that heís fighting nobody of significance.

    Jomardashvili will be his first significant opponent. Heís actually 3 years younger than Kudryashov but has vastly more experience.

    Though he is coming off a loss, Jomardashvili has good wins over Luis Rodriguez, Goga Abuladze, George Aduashvili, Goga Abuladze, and the previously undefeated Zaza Kokauri. On the flipside, heís recently lost to Juho Haapoja, Vincenzo Rossitto, Kai Kurzawa, David Quinonero, and Krzysztof Glowacki.

    Prediction: Kudryashov by KO5.

    Location: Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
    Television: Wealth TV (USA), SKY (UK)
    Time: 4:00PM ET / 1:00PM PT
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

    WBC Silver light heavyweight title
    12 Rounds
    Tony Bellew 19(12)-1 vs. Isaac Chilemba 20(9)-1-1

    This is a true pick Ďem fight.

    30-year-old Bellew was once thought to be strictly a domestic-level fighter until he went challenging for the WBO light heavyweight title, going life and death with Nathan Cleverly, and losing narrowly by close MD. A lot of people thought this meant Cleverly was a hypejob ó but it may have meant that Bellew is better than they previously believed.

    Bellew is 5-1 in his last 6 fights, has a 60% KO ratio with 2 of his last 3 fights won by KO. So far, heís compiled wins against Roberto Feliciano Bolonti, Edison Miranda, Danny McIntosh, and Mathew Ellis.

    Chilemba, 5 years younger, is even more underrated than Bellew ó if you can believe it. A former IBO super middleweight titlist, Chilemba has since moved up in weight and done well for himself.

    He has recent wins over Edison Miranda, Jameson Bostic, Vikapita Meroro, Michael Bolling, and the previously undefeated Maxim Vlasov. His lone loss is to Willbeforce Shihepo very early in his career ó which has since been avenged. He also drew against current IBO super middleweight titlist Thomas Oosthuizen.

    Prediction: Chilemba by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
    vacant Commonwealth (British Empire) lightweight title
    12 Rounds
    Derry Mathews 32(17)-8-1 vs. Anthony Crolla 25(9)-4 II

    These two fought a raucous war last year. In fact, I donít think either man knows how to be in a bad fight. Last time these two met, Mathews came out the winner, but the rematch can truly go either way.

    29-year-old Mathews is 3-3 in his last 6 fights but is also on a 2 fight win streak and won his last fight by KO. Last year, he challenged for the IBO lightweight title in a 2012 FOTY candidate against Emiliano Marsili. Mathews has recent wins over Asan Yuseinov, Jamie Spence, Anthony Crolla, Amir Unsworth, and the previously undefeated Stephen Jennings. As for recent losses, they were to Terry Flannigan, Gavin Rees, Emiliano Marsili, Gary Buckland, and Scott Lawton. His lone draw was technical.

    Crolla, 3 years younger, has a 31% KO ratio but is on a 2 fight KO streak. He is 4-2 in his last 6 fights, and has wins over Kieran Farrell, Willie Limond, Herve De Luca, John Watson, and Andy Morris. His losses were to Gary Sykes (twice), Derry Mathews, and Youssef Al Hamidi.

    Prediction: Mathews by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    BBBofC English super middleweight title
    12 Rounds
    Rocky Fielding 12(6)-0 vs. Wayne Reed 10(5)-5

    This is a fine domestic dust-up.

    Fielding has a 50% KO ratio and is on a 3 fight KO streak. His best wins are over Carl Dilks, Ferenc Hafner, and Patrick J Maxwell.

    Reed has a lower KO ratio than Fielding at 33% but his last fights have been won by KO. He is 4-2 in his last 6 fights. He has no significant wins, but he has losses to Kenny Anderson, Eamonn O'Kane, Robin Reid, Joe Ainscough (by SD), and Peter Federenko.

    Prediction: Fielding by UD

    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    Television: HBO (USA), Main Event (Australia), TV 3 Sport 2 (Denmark), Sport 1 (Hungary), TV 2 (Russia)
    Time: 10:15PM ET / 7:15PM PT
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    interim WBO light welterweight title
    12 Rounds
    Brandon Rios 31(23)-0-1 vs. Mike Alvarado 33(23)-1 II

    Rios-Alvarado I was 2012ís Fight Of The Year. For good reason too. Rio and Alvarado were two men who came to fight ó and they went bombs away right away.

    26-year-old Rios has a 72% KO ratio with 5 of his last 6 fights won by KO. He is the former WBA World lightweight titlist. His last 5 significant wins were over Mike Alvarado, Richar Abril (by controversial SD), John Murray, Urbano Antillon, and Miguel Acosta. The only blemish on his record is a draw to Manuel Perez ó which was later avenged.

    Alvarado, 6 years older, is coming off a loss to Rios. It is very respectable that he decided not to take a tune-up before signing up for the rematch. He has a 68% KO ratio. His most recent significant wins were against Mauricio Herrera, Breidis Prescott, Gabriel Martinez, Ray Narh, and Dean Harrison.

    If youíre not looking forward to this fight, watch Rios-Alvarado I to see what all the fuss is about.

    Prediction: Rios by KO7.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    Light welterweight
    10 Rounds
    Breidis Prescott 26(20)-4 vs. Terence Crawford 19(15)-0

    This was supposed to be Prescott-Allakhverdiev but Allakhverdiev had to withdraw with an injury. What we have instead is still a very good fight ó and quite risky for both fighters.

    For 29-year-old Prescott, though heís riding a 2 fight win streak, he is 4-2 in his last 6 fights. Should he lose to the obscure Crawford, it is questionable whether he will ever get a title shot again.

    Prescott has a 67% KO ratio. His last 5 significant wins were against Francisco Figueroa, Bayan Jargal, Humberto Toledo, Amir Khan, and Richar Abril. Both Khan and Abril were previously undefeated. His losses were to Mike Alvarado, Paul McCloskey (by controversial UD), Kevin Mitchell, and Miguel Vazquez (by SD).

    For Crawford, this is his first exposure on national television ó never mind HBO. Even amongst boxing aficionados, few people know who he is. Nevertheless, he is a hot prospect ó and should he lose, his bubble will burst before he even has the chance to be hyped.

    Though Crawford is obscure, heís a hot prospect for a reason. He has a 79% KO ratio with 13 of his last 14 fights won by KO. With this in mind, his resume is quite thin. His only significant opposition has been David Rodela and Andre Gorges.

    Prediction: Prescott by UD.

    SUNDAY 31 MARCH 2013

    Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    Japanese super flyweight title
    10 Rounds
    Teiru Kinoshita 16(3)-0-1 vs. Toyoto Shiraishi 23(11)-6-1

    Another Japanese domestic fight with global significance. This is because Japan pretty much owns this weight division.

    Kinoshita has an 18% KO ratio. His notable wins include victories over Kenji Oba, Atsushi Kakutani, Go Onaga, Junichiro Sugita, and Arief Blader. He drew against Go Onaga ó which was later avenged.

    Though Shiraishi has the uglier record, heís on a 2 fight win streak and is 5-1 in his last 6 fights. The 3 important wins on his resume are against Junichiro Sugita, Yuki Nasu, and Hideki Imanishi. As for his losses, they were against Ryo Akaho, Junnosuke Nagayasu, Yuki Fukumoto, Konosuke Tomiyama, Shinsuke Yamanaka, Suguru Muranaka. The losses to Yamanake and Muranaka were by close MD. His lone draw is to Shinobu Wakagi.

    Prediction: Kinoshita by UD.

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    Jun 2010
    Western Boxing, Tai Chi

    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    vacant Japanese light flyweight title
    10 Rounds
    Ryoichi Taguchi 17(8)-1-1 vs. Yuki Chinen 13(6)-0

    This fight kicks off a big week for fights in Asia.

    26-year-old Taguchi has the uglier record, but heís fought solid competition. Though he has a 42% KO ratio, 2 of his last 3 fights have ended by KO. His best wins have come against Tetsuya Hisada, Toshimasa Ouchi, Sho Nakazawa, and Norihito Tanaka. His lone loss is to Masayoshi Segawa, and he drew against Masayuki Kuroda.

    Chinen in 2 years older than Taguchi, but heís very much a prospect. His KO ratio is slightly higher than Taguchiís at 46%. The most notable names on his resume are Crison Omayao, Sammy Hagler, and the previously undefeated Kenta Maeda.

    Prediction: Taguchi by UD.

    FRIDAY 5 APRIL 2013

    Location: Donetsk, Ukraine
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    12 Rounds
    Artem Dalakian 6(4)-0 vs. David Kanalas 10(4)-4
    Iím keeping my eye on 25-year-old Dalakian because he might be an interesting flyweight prospect. He has a 67% KO ratio with 3 of his last 4 fights won by KO. However, he hasnít stepped up his competition ó until now.

    Now, Iím not saying that Kanalas is that good himself, but he is a credible journeyman. Indeed, he is 4-2 in his last 6 fights. As well, heís coming off a win over the previously undefeated Gabor Molnar. Kanalasí four losses are to Sebastien Gauthier, Andrea Sarritzu, Willie Casey, and Paul Butler.

    Prediction: Dalakian by KO8.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    vacant WBA Inter-Continental flyweight title
    12 Rounds
    Oleksandr Hryshchuk 11(4)-0 vs. Gabor Molnar 11(8)-1-0
    On the same card are two prospects with something to prove.

    Hryshchuk is 26-years old. He has a 36% KO ratio but has no significant wins.

    Molnar is 7 years younger. He has a 67% KO ratio and is coming off a KO win. Though he is 5-1 in his last 6 fights, he has no significant wins either, although heís recently lost to David Kanalas.

    Prediction: Molnar by UD.

    Location: Santa Ynez, California, USA
    Television: ESPN2 (USA)
    Time: 9:00PM ET / 6:00PM PT
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    USBA lightweight title
    12 Rounds
    Jonathan Maicelo 19(11)-0 vs. Rustam Nugaev 22(12)-6-1

    As FNF let us know last week, 29-year-old Maicelo is a star in his native Peru. As a prospect, heís promising ó though he really needs to step up his competition soon.

    With a 58% KO ratio, 2 of his last 3 fights have ended by KO. So far in his career, his highest profile wins are against Fernando Angulo, Leonardo Esteban Gonzalez, Oscar Cuero, Alberto Leopoldo Santillan, and Javier Gallegos.

    Nugaev could be a decent test, but whatís concerning is that he hasnít fought since July 2011 ó when he won a close MD against an opponent who was 9-5. However, he is 5-1 in his last 6 fights, and he has wins over Peter Oluoch, Justin Juuko, Jose Antonio Izquierdo, Efren Hinojosa, and the previously undefeated Anthony Mora.

    Back in 2011, Nugaev lost to Alisher Rahimov. But previous to that, he hadnít lost a fight since 2006. More importantly, he has never been stopped.

    Prediction: Macielo by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    8 Rounds
    Gabriel Tolmajyan 13(3)-2-1 vs. Jorge Maysonet Jr 11(10)-0

    In my opinion, this is the better match-up on paper.

    26-year-old Tolmajyan usually wins by outboxing his opponents. Heís more than happy to play the matador rather than the bull. Though he is 4-1-1 in his last 6 fights, he has one prominent win against the previously undefeated Daulis Prescott. His losses are to Abraham Lopez and Efrain Esquivias (by close MD). Somewhat concerning is his draw to journeyman Juan Suazo (7-4-2).

    As for Maysonet, we know he can punch. He has a 91% KO ratio, but heís got no significant wins. How will he do against a live body? I guess weíll find out.

    Prediction: Maysonet by KO7.


    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Television: TyC Sports (Argentina)
    Time: 8:00PM ET / 5:00PM PT
    Pre-fight rating: ★
    WBC Latino middleweight title
    10 Rounds
    Jorge Sebastian Heiland 20(9)-3-2 vs. Douglas Damiao Ataide 9(4)-0

    Iím not so excited about this fight, but Iím putting it here because itís the main event.

    Heiland is 3-1-2 is his last 6 fights. Heís done all right against domestic competition, but he was beaten clearly by Sebastian Zbik, Nilson Julio Tapia, and Billi Godoy. Even more concerning is that heís drawn to pretty pedestrian opponents in Cristian Fabian Rios and Mateo Damian Veron.

    Ataide is an interesting prospect, but I think itís way too early to be facing off against Heiland who has experience on the world stage. Despite this, he has wins against domestic opponents in Carmelito De Jesus, Gilberto Pereira Santos, Juan Carlos Flores Choque. Santos and Choque were previously undefeated.

    Prediction: Heiland by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    6 Rounds
    Sergio Mauricio Gil 10(8)-2-1 vs. Gabriel Fernando Punalef Calfin 10(6)-5-3

    Even as I donít think either man is a world beater, I believe we have a good match-up here.

    22-year-old Gil has a 62% KO ratio and is on a 3 fight KO streak, but he has no significant wins, and heís lost to some very average opponents in Sergio Javier Escobar (18-18-2) and Ramon Sebastian Munoz (9-13-4). Heís also drawn to Ramon Sebastian Munoz (9-13).

    Calfin, 7 years older, is 5-1 in his last 6 fights and is on a 2 fight win streak. Even as he has more losses than Gil, he also has better wins. His resume includes victories over Federico Malaspina, Nelson Fabian Pilotti, and Leonardo Esteban Gonzalez. On the other hand, he has losses to Claudio Alfredo Olmedo, Hernan Leandro Carrizo (three times), and Gumersindo Lucas Carrasco.

    Prediction: Calfin by UD.

    Location: Rome, Lazio, Italy
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    EBU (European) welterweight title
    12 Rounds
    Leonard Bundu 28(9)-0-2 vs. Rafal Jackiewicz 42(21)-10-2

    I think Bundu is the most underrated welterweight. As in, nobody talks about him at all. In a way, I donít blame anyone. Itís hard getting excited about a 38-year-old with a low KO ratio, but Bundu has won 2 of his last 3 fights by KO and is 5-0-1 in his last 6 fights.

    Bundu also has done well against continental and domestic opposition. He has wins over Ismael El Massoudi, Stefano Castellucci, Antonio Moscatiello, Daniele Petrucci (in a rematch), and Carlos Adan Jerez. Castellucci and Moscatiello were previously undefeated. His two draws were to Petrucci and the other draw was technical.

    Jackiewicz, 2 years younger, is coming off a draw and is 4-1-1 in his last 6 fights. His record is somewhat tricky. Most of his losses happened before 2005. In fact, between 2005 and now, Jackiewicz has only lost twice: once to Kell Brook, and the other time to Jan Zaveck in a rematch.

    Jackiewicz has lots of experience on the world level. Heís beaten Luca Michael Pasqua, Luciano Abis, Turgay Uzun, Delvin Rodriguez, and the previously undefeated Luciano Abis.

    Prediction: Bundu by UD

    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    Japanese super featherweight title
    10 Rounds
    Daiki Kaneko 17(10)-2-3 vs. Kyohei Tamakoshi 31(12)-7-6

    This could be an explosive fight.

    24-year-old Kaneko has a 45% KO ratio, but 5 of his last 6 fights have been won by KO. In fact, heís undefeated in his last 14 fights, and is 5-0-1 in his last 6 fights. He has wins over Ryota Kajiki, Seiichi Okada, Hiroyasu Matsuzaki, and Yuya Sugizak.

    Kaneko seems like a totally different fighter from earlier in his career. Back in 2007, he had back-to-back losses against terribly average opponents in Mitsuya Omura (7-3) and Nobuo Maruyama (6-1). But still, as recently as 2010, Kaneko drew against Orion Takuya (7-5-2).

    32-year-old Tamakoshi, therefore, is a good opponent. He is 5-1 in his last 6 fights. Impressively, he has wins against Dante Jardon, and the previously undefeated Nobuto Ikehara. Most of Tamakoshiís losses happened before 2001. Since then, heís only lost to Mikihito Seto, Masaaki Serie (by SD), and Wethya Sakmuangklang. I find it amusing that he has almost as many draws as losses.

    Prediction: Kaneko by KO9.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    Super bantamweight
    10 Rounds
    Akifumi Shimoda 27(12)-3-1 vs. Roli Gasca 19(5)-4

    After a stint as a featherweight, former WBA super bantamweight titlist Shimoda is returning to the red hot 122lbs division.

    Since losing his title to Rico Ramos, Shimoda has been on a 4 fight win streak and won 2 of his last 3 fights by KO. His most recent high profile wins have come against Hugo Partida, Richard Betos, Ryol Li Lee, Hiromasa Ohashi, and the previously undefeated Chang-Hyun Son. In addition to Ramos, his other losses are to Kazuma Miura and Mikihito Seto (by MD). Shimodaís lone draw is technical.

    Gasca is a pretty good opponent on a continental level, but heís on a 2 fight loss streak and is 3-3 in his last 6 fights. Keep in mind that back in September, he challenged Alexander Bakhtin for the IBO super bantamweight title. Moreover, he has wins over Hiromasa Ohashi, Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat, Jason Mitsuyama, Jessie Albaracin, and Greg Mangan. His losses are to Yukinori Oguni (twice, the last time by SD), Alexander Bakhtin, and Albert Alcoy (by SD).

    Prediction: Shimoda by UD

    Location: Macao, China
    Television: ABS-CBN Channel 2 (Philippines), HBO (USA)
    Time: 2:00PM ET / 11:00AM PT
    Pre-fight rating: ★
    Light flyweight
    4 Rounds
    Zou Shiming (debut) vs. Eleazar Valenzuela 2(1)-1-2

    The fight itself probably wonít be competitive, but it is noteworthy in that itís Zou Shimingís professional debut. This is a very big deal.

    You see, Shiming is a superstar in China. He won two Olympic gold medals in the 2012 and 2008 Olympics, as well as a bronze in the 2004 Olympics. He also won gold in the 2005, 2007, and 20011 World Amateur championships. As an amateur, heís very very good.

    But Shimingís important for more reasons than him being a good amateur. His debut marks China as a potential power in the professional boxing world. Because of Shiming, it is estimated that more than 500 million Chinese people will be tuning into this card.

    This match, therefore, means that boxing may experience unprecedented growth.

    Prediction: Shiming KO3.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    WBA Super World flyweight title
    WBO flyweight title
    12 Rounds
    Brian Viloria 32(19)-3 vs. Juan Francisco Estrada 22(18)-2

    32-year-old Brian Viloria is on my personal top 10 P4P list, and Iíll tell you why.

    Since moving up to flyweight, he won the WBO flyweight title by decisively beating Julio Cesar Miranda. He then followed up this feat by stopping former lineal light flyweight champion Giovani Segura in the R7 ó a fight in which he was an underdog. Thereafter, he avenged one of his first defeat by KOing Omar Nino Romera. Finally, he unified his WBO title with the WBAís by beating Hernan Marquez by TKO10.

    In fact, Viloria is on a 6 fight win streak with 4 of those wins coming by KO. Previous to stepping up to 112lbs, Viloria had held the WBC and IBF light flyweight titles. The only negative about Viloria is that at light flyweight, he had lost a few fights he shouldnít have. But since leaving that division, heís seemed unstoppable.

    Heís facing off against Estrada, whoís 10 years younger. Estrada has only had one significant win on his resume, which is over Jose Guadalupe Martinez.

    However, heís very much a threat. He has a 75% KO ratio with 2 of his last 3 fights won by KO. But even more impressive is that in his last fight, not only did he go the distance against Roman Gonzalez ó which is itself a feat ó but he went to war in one of the most underrated fights of 2012. He lost that fight, but he still showed something of himself.

    Viloria by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★

    WBO International super bantamweight title
    12 Rounds
    Wilfredo Vazquez Jr 22(19)-2-1 vs. Yasutaka Ishimoto 21(5)-6

    Vazquez is trying to work his way back into title contention here.

    Since losing his WBO super bantamweight title to Jorge Arce, Vazquez tried to gain it back by fighting Nonito Donaire. That last title challenge proved to be unsuccessful. But then he came back, beat Jonathan Oquendo, and continued to build himself back up.

    Vazquez has a 76% KO ratio, and won 2 of his last 3 fights by KO. Recently, he has wins over Jonathan Oquendo, Ivan Hernandez, Marvin Sonsona, Genaro Garcia, and the previously undefeated Zsolt Bedak. The lone draw on his record is against Jorge Cardenas.

    Regarding Ishimoto, he has a less impressive KO ratio at 19%, but he is riding a 2 fight KO streak. He is 5-1 in his last 6 fights. He has wins over Yu Enya, Yuta Nagai, Yu Kawaguchi, Junnosuke Nagayasu, Zaragoza Uema, and the previously undefeated Takanori Tsutaya.

    The odd thing about Ishimoto is that most of his losses were not definitive. His losses were to Masaaki Serie (once by UD and once by SD), Teppei Kikui (by SD), Yota Sato, Junichiro Sugita (by MD), and Senzo Ikeda (by MD).

    Vazquez by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

    WBO super featherweight title
    12 Rounds
    Roman Martinez 26(16)-1-2 vs. Diego Magdaleno 23(9)-0

    Of all super featherweight world titlists, I think Martinez is the weakest. That means heís ripe for the taking. His last fight was judged as a draw ó despite Juan Carlos Burgos dominating the fight. That means he was able to keep his title. In fact, heís 4-1-1 in his last 6 fights.

    Now Iím not saying Martinez is a bad fighter whatsoever. Heís a 2x WBO super featherweight titlist. He has wins over Miguel Beltran Jr, Daniel Attah, Feider Viloria, Nicky Cook, Walter Estrada, and Santos Benavides. On the other hand, four fights ago, he lost his first title to Ricky Burns. He should have lost his current title last January.

    Magdaleno, if heís ever going to be a titlist, should seize it now. At 26-years-old, this is his first title shot. Heís on a 2 fight KO streak and has wins over Antonio Davis, Fernando Beltran, Emmanuel Lucero, Alejandro Perez, and Gilberto Sanchez Leon.

    It wonít be easy for him. Even though I consider Martinez to be a weak titlist, Iím positive heíll make this a fight. If Magdaleno wants it, heíll have to go to war.

    Magdaleno by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★

    10 Rounds
    Milan Melindo 28(11)-0 vs. Tommy Seran 23(14)-1

    This is a much lower profile bout, and I doubt it will find its way on HBO. Still, itís worth watching since 25-year-old Melindo might be someone special.

    Though Melindo has a 39% KO ratio, 4 of his last 5 fights have been won by KO. He has a very good record with victories over Jean Piero Perez, Jesus Geles, Juan Esquer, Francisco Rosas, and Carlos Tamara. Hopefully after this fight, heíll be given a title shot.

    Seran provides a good test. He has a 58% KO ratio with 5 of his last 6 fights won by KO. He has a much thinner resume than Melindo, though. His only important wins are over Fernando Ocon and Liempetch Sor Veerapol. His lone loss is to Agus Situmorang (by SD).

    Melindo by KO6.

    Location: Chester, West Virginia, USA
    Television: GFL.tv
    Time: 7:30PM ET / 4:30PM PT
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
    Light welterweight
    10 Rounds
    Paul Spadafora 47(19)-0-1 vs. Robert Frankel 32(6)-12-1

    Thereís not a whole lot going on this Saturday night, so if you still want to get your boxing fix, this is as good it gets. This fight itself is FNF-grade. So if youíre okay with spending $12.99 for a PPV that has one decent match-up, have at it.

    Spadafora has a fascinating story. More than 14 years ago, Spadafora got the best of Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a sparring session ó and in the process became famous. That video has been studied and re-studied with many wondering if Spadafora had the template to beat Mayweather.

    Largely looked at as a man who could have been great, Spadafora is a former IBF lightweight titlist who defended his belt 7 times. He then moved up in weight, and thatís when things spiraled out of control. Spadafora found himself in trouble with the law, and has not been able to get his career back on track since. But now at the age of 37, heís trying for a comeback.

    Recently, Spadafora has wins over Solomon Egberime, Humberto Toledo, Ivan Fiorletta, Jermaine White, and Oisin Fagan.

    Frankel is a decent test for where heís at right now. Heís a career journeyman whoís notched some all right wins. Lately, he has victories over Jermaine White, Ricardo Dominguez, Bobby Pacquiao, Ramon Montano, and the previously undefeated Raul Carrillo. He has recent losses to Cleotis Pendarvis, John Molina, David Diaz, Jesus Rodriguez, and Henry Bruseles. His lone draw is to Rafael Ortiz.

    Spadafora by UD.

    SUNDAY 7 APRIL 2013

    Location: Osaka, Japan
    Television: TBS (Japan)
    6:00AM ET / 3:00AM PT
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★

    WBA World bantamweight title
    12 Rounds
    Koki Kameda 29(17)-1 vs. Panomroonglek Kaiyanghadaogym 36(19)-1

    Kameda and his brothers are considered the most famous combat sports athletes in Japan. Heís both celebrated and reviled ó many Japanese see him as arrogant.

    Since losing the lineal flyweight championship to the legendary Pongsaklek Wongjongkam by close MD, Kameda has been on a 7 fight win streak. A 3 division titlist, Kameda holds the ďregularĒ WBA bantamweight title (the ďsuperĒ title is held by Anselmo Moreno). Recently, otable wins that have come over Hugo Ruiz, Nouldy Manakane, Mario Macias, Daniel Diaz, and the previously undefeated David De La Mora.

    Kaiyanghadaogym shouldnít offer much of a challenge to Kameda, though heís on an 8 fight win streak with 2 of his latest victories coming by KO. His resume is thinner than Kamedaís, with wins over Koki Eto, Jecker Buhawe, Charles Delada, Hiroyuki Hisataka, and Lito Sisnorio. His lone loss is to Hisataka in a rematch.

    Kameda by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★

    10 Rounds
    Sonny Boy Jaro 34(24)-11(7)-5 vs. Hiroyuki Hisataka 21(10)-10-1

    Jaro has disappointed me recently with pulling out of his last 2 fights at the last minute. So forgive me if Iím skeptical about this actually happening.

    Jaro has an ugly record, but heís the former lineal flyweight champion. Heís most famous for KOing the great Pongsaklek Wonjongkam in a massive upset. Coming off a close SD loss to Toshiyuki Igarashi, Jaro is known to be a puncher with 5 of his last 6 fights ending in his favour by KO. Besides Wonjongkam, Jaro has recently lost to Hirofumi Mukai, Oscar Ibarra, Giovani Segura, and Edgar Sosa.

    Hisataka isnít the same kind of puncher as Jaro, but 2 of his last 3 fights have been won by KO. Heís a 3x world title challenger, but has been unsuccessful in all his attempts. Heís coming off a loss, but has wins over Panomroonglek Kaiyanghadaogym (rematch), Hussein Hussein, Takafumi Himeno, Bert Batawang, Tsunejiro Sato. Both Kaiyanghadaogym and Sato were previously undefeated. His recent losses are to Oleydong Sithsamerchai, Hugo Fidel Cazares, Denkaosan Kaovichit (by SD), Takefumi Sakata, an dWyndel Janiola (by SD).

    Jaro by KO6.

    MONDAY 8 APRIL 2013

    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
    WBC bantamweight title
    12 Rounds
    Shinsuke Yamanaka 17(12)-0-2 vs. Malcolm Tunacao 32(20)-2-3

    Yamanaka is the best world titlist from Japan ó not Koki Kameda. Heís also facing a more legit opponent here too.

    30-year-old Yamanaka is a true monster. He is the WBC world titlist. He also has a 63% KO ratio with 11 of his last 12 fights ending by KO. His body count is a true whoís who, with victories over Tomas Rojas, Vic Darchinyan, Christian Esquivel, Jose Silveira, and the previously undefeated Ryosuke Iwasa.

    Tunacao, 5 years older, was once the lineal flyweight champion 12 years ago. Since then, heís moved up 2 divisions and worked his ass off for title contention. He has a 54% KO ratio with 5 of his last 6 fights ending by KO. Currently, heís on an 11 fight win streak, and has compiled victories over Daigo Nakahiro, Hidenobu Honda, Kohei Oba, Seung-Suk Chae, and Monico Laurente. His two losses are to Rolly Matsushita and Pongsaklek Wonjongkam.

    Yamanaka by KO9.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

    WBC flyweight title
    12 Rounds
    Toshiyuki Igarashi 17(10)-1-1 vs. Akira Yaegashi 16(9)-3

    Igarashi is the current lineal flyweight champion having won it in a close fight against Sonny Boy Jaro. He is on a 10 fight win streak and has victories over Sonny Boy Jaro, Wilbert Uicab, Takayasu Kobayashi, Rexon Flores, and the previously undefeated Nestor Daniel Narvaes. Igarashi has a loss to Tomonobu Shimizu, and a draw to Naoto Saito.

    Yaegashi is known for his wars against Kazuto Ioka and Porsawan Porpramook ó both which were Fight Of The Year candidates for 2012 and 2011 respectively. Here heís opted to move up 2 divisions from minimumweight to flyweight. If he wins this fight, itís a tremendous feat.

    He has a 47% KO ratio with 2 of his last 3 fights won by KO. Yaegashi is the former WBA minimumweight titlist, and is 5-1 in his last 6 fights. Recently, he has wins over Saenmuangloei Kokietgym, Pornsawan Porpramook, Norihito Tanaka, Kosuke Takeichi, and Junichiro Kaneda. As for his losses, they are to Kazuto Ioka, Masatate Tsuji, and Eagle Den Junlaphan.

    Igarashi by UD.

    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

    WBC super featherweight title
    12 Rounds
    Gamaliel Diaz 37(17)-9-2 vs. Takashi Miura 24(18)-2-2

    Diaz has an ugly looking record, but he is the current WBC super featherweight titlist.

    Primarily, though, heís known for being the only man to beat Robert Guerrero. He fought a rematch and lost, but Diaz also has wins over Takahiro Ao, John Carlo Aparicio, Abraham Gomez, Cesar Soto, and Pedro Navarrete. Besides Guerrero, Diaz also lost to Zolani Marali, Humberto Soto, and Jorge Linares. His other losses occurred before 2001. He drew to Jose Luis Gaspar. His other draw was technical.

    Miura comes in as an underdog. However, heís 5-1 in his last 6 fights, and is on a 4 fight win streak. He also has a 64% KO ratio, with his last 2 fights ending by KO. His best wins are over Ryuji Migaki, Seiichi Okada, Masayuki Koguchi, Yoshimitsu Yashiro (in a rematch), and Hidekazu Matsunobu. Both Okada and Yashiro were previously undefeated. Miura has lost to Takashi Uchiyama and Yusuke Kobori, and he drew against Yoshimitsu Yashiro.

    Diaz by UD.

    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★
    Japanese featherweight title
    10 Rounds
    Hisashi Amagasa 22(15)-4-2 vs. Daisuke Yokoyama 14(6)-4

    As a domestic dust-up, this is as good as it gets.

    Since losing to Ryol Li Lee, Amagasa is on a 7 fight win streak. Heís compiled triumphs over Masayuki Wakimoto, Takuya Watanabe, Toru Suzuki, and Manabu Fukushima. Besides Lee, all his losses have been close. He was defeated by Ryo Fueki (by MD), Yu Kajikawa (by MD), and Kenzo Fukuda (by SD). His two draws are against Takeshi Hagiwara and Shuichi Otsuka.

    Yokoyama may only have a 33% KO streak, but 5 of his last 6 fights have ended by KO. In fact, heís on an 8 fight win streak. His two best wins come against Toru Suzuki and Masaki Sawanaga. As for his losses, they are to Kentaro Maimuangkorn Promotion, Daisuke Sawai, Yoshinori Kanzaki, and Takaomi Abe.

    Amagasa by UD.


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