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    Quote Originally Posted by DerAuslander View Post
    So, he's moved on to Muay Thai?

    Where is your cousin located?
    He's in MD at the moment. I decided to look up this Hai Nguyen character after I made (tactful)queries, in regards to his training background, on a post that my cousin made on Nguyen's group page. Mr. Nguyen responded with the typical lineage breakdown(at least in relation to his _ing _un training). The tone of his responses seemed a bit defensive to me at the moment(though it may have just been me) and he kept repeating himself and giving more background than I really asked for. So that's when I decided to use some google-fu to look him up. After searches on t3h google came up with limited amount of info, I decided to search his name on here...then bam, this thread.

    I've discussed my concerns about Nguyen with my cousin. He informed me that he's only training under him because he doesn't charge at the moment. He also assured me that he'll be on the lookout for anything fishy. I'm still a teensy bit worried that my cousin won't really know what to look for as far as muay Thai fishiness goes, as he is a relative newbie to it.

    [EDIT] Just talked to my cousin. Apparently after I expressed my concerns to him, he made some queries to Nguyen....which apparently pissed him off. My cousin has stepped back from training with him.
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