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One sentence? Bush, Rummy and Cheney are egomaniac assholes who were bent on nailing Saddam and ignored Clarke and the CIA and anyone who didn't agree with their screwy ideas and kiss their rosy red rectums.
So very true. The real sad part is that people like this were ever in power in the first place. I usually don't try to directly equate wealth to political power, but this is a prime example.

I saw first hand, the Cheney deal as it unfolded. Seeing it for what it was (my little retrospective), as a soldier, I benefited from those open-end, no-bid contracts that Cheney saw fit to make sure that K.B.R. (Brown and Root, Halliburton, etc.) was awarded.

Dick Cheney benefited through his 'retirement job' as CEO if Halliburton. Those third-world countries that hosted us also benefited economically. The local nationals hired by K.B.R. did our jobs for us. US tax-payers were the ones who got hosed and did not benefit in any way. The United States isn't even a little safer or more secure due to the fact that we kept The Former Republic of Yugoslavia from imploding.