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    Grip Fight - Stop Opponent From Controlling Arm With Foot - Jason Scully

    Recently someone asked me a question about how he can stop his opponent from controlling his arm with their foot.

    Basically, he was in their De La Riva guard and his opponent had a cross collar grip on them which was breaking their posture and they were using their foot to stop him from successfully using his left arm to help him work the pass.

    This is actually a very common situation that happens a lot. This happens not just in the situation explained above but also when you are in your opponent's general open guard.

    When your opponent does this right, it hard for you to swim your arm in the proper position so you can attack for the pass. So in this video I show a very simple way to deal with this situation.

    This is definitely along the lines of what I call "Invisible Grappling" because many people aren't aware of this simple but intricate movement.

    I hope it helps you.

    Jason Scully
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