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    Fechtschule for kids?

    Where we are we have a kids Current affairs program called BTN (Behind the News). Even when I was a kid it was a show we were encouraged to watch as part of school.

    Different kids sports are sometimes showcased as part of the program. The local HEMA group recently got a chance to get their Kids group on the show.

    Here's a link to the video:


    I enjoy a bit of HEMA cross training, they do mostly messer, ringen and dagger when I've been there (some longsword, sword & buckler, spear/long staff etc..). I don't get to train that side of the city as often as I'd like, but it's always fun to put on some fencing masks and do a bit of freeplay.

    I have two kids who may be interested in training, my oldest is 6 years old. Anyone care on sharing their thoughts on weapons training for kids. In 3 months she will be 7 and old enough to start FMA at the local Kenpo club.

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    IMO the approach shown in that item is just the ticket for kids' classes; emphasis on fun, safety, fitness and developing skills within their abilities.

    Looks like the BTN crew knows just what they're doing, too.


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