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    Glamorgan School of Arms

    Hey everyone, new member and first post so I figured i'd start with a doozy right off. I've been interesting in trying a HEMA school and it just so happens there are a few in the Seattle area. One of them is called the Glamorgan School of Arms, focusing exclusively in German swordfighting techniques. This has the brunt of my interest, but there are a few things to have me wondering. First, there is the small, intentionally exclusive nature of the school. The website also has a general tone/read that would kind of set off certain alarms if this were an Eastern Martial Arts dojo of any kind, but i'm less familiar with this realm of MA and am at limited options anyways.

    I'd post the website, but the site won't allow me. You should be to find it through a google search or off the HEMA website. Any info anyone can provide would be great!

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    My quick assessment going by their website and YahooGroups page is that they are a small start-up group, training outdoors during the summer months. The site refers to German traditions but the major sources listed on their webpage are Italian (Fiore dei Liberi).

    Honestly, if I were you I'd consider this Seattle-based group - http://www.lonin.org/ - which is well-established, equipped and respected. Glamorgan may well develop into a fine HEMA club, but personally I'd go with the sure bet.

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    Glamorgan School of Arms US Chapter

    Hello DdlR. We are a small group meeting 1 -3 times a week and yes we are gradually involving other traditions into the basic German core study, such as Silver. We specialise in 1.33 with a guardant flavour, do longsword, and whereas I don't personally involve myself with other groups all members are advised to cross train in whatever they want, whenever they want, where they want. I would also advise beginners to go somewhere else if they want lots of friends. If they desire personal training in a small group (max 8) then that's what we are up to. I have 10 years experience with sword and am ideally looking for experienced fighters, and places will go to these before beginners. We have a four lesson probationary period for beginners. Lonin are indeed a great group and 7 Swords (Tacoma) are also well respected. My personal advice would be for fighters who are passing through Kent to keep my number on hand and join me in the park sometime. Blessings.


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