I'm looking for an old video containing a sequence of clips of several of Royce Gracie's early UFC wins including fights with Delucia, Abbot, and others. The one I saw was branded "Sherdog", but this one on Youtube is very similar (if not identical): . The one I'm remembering had some other music laid over the video, but I can't figure out the name.

It used to be pretty common online but I assume it's now subject to strict takedown notices from the copyright holder (maybe ufc.com?) I'd like to buy the entire video (better quality than that YouTube version I'd hope), but I can't find it anywhere. iTunes has several individual fights, but not the sequence I'm looking for. And I *think* it contained bouts from multiple early UFC's, so it's unlikely to be on any video focusing on a single UFC (e.g. the various Mark Lucas DVDs).

Any ideas where I could find this?