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    Muay Thai Boxing Basics

    Hi there,

    I have always had a major interest in Muay Thai Boxing for some reason, but since there's no possibilities within my region in Denmark to train Muay Thai I wanted to ask if anybody could recommend any books, pdfs, training dvds or alike that could help me a little bit closer to learn something about it?

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    Please post an intro in Newbietown first. You can ask these types of questions there as well.

    I'd recommend joining another style (Or "normal" kickboxing if you have it) instead of trying to learn from a book or dvd.

    Not only is it boring, but it's hard to get the form right and you can easily develop bad habits that will hurt your progress. Along with that, you don't get alive training, meaning that all of your training is useless.

    Here's a quick video on aliveness:

    If you're interested in that type of fast-paced action, might I humbly recommend Boxing or Kyokushin Karate to you? Judo, BJJ, and other forms of grappling are also highly recommended.


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