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    My feet are about shoulder width apart, in diagonal quadrants, with the knees bent and the back heel off the ground. Hips are nearly square to the front, back is upright or slightly curved forward. Shoulders are relaxed but ready to move up defensively. Elbows point down. Back hand is at cheekbone level, lead fist points at opponent's face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregaquaman View Post
    A lot of what I say I will do doesn't last through the reality of being punched. In theory my hands are tight and high all the time.
    Easier said than done yup.
    And I shouldn't be pawing at punches like I do.
    It looks like you're checking/trying to slap the punches back, like how you do with punching mitts. Is that actually bad technique or a habit formed of helping others punch?
    The right hand should be tight and sort of resting tucked into the body. Cocked an ready to go.
    I see. Why tucked into the body instead of just up at cheek level? Your elbows could cover your ribs and legs anything lower.
    Sideways makes my head harder to hit. Tkd make bouncing work almost everybody else will get slapped by their coach for being silly.
    Haha, I see. So bouncing side to side is a disadvantage then?
    Pulling your hand away from your face is a big risk. You have to be absolutely sure you can get to the shots thrown after that first one you have stopped.
    Oh okay. I was just wondering because I never had my gloves actually touch my face. I feel like the punch will penetrate right through.
    My coach is tricky and will pull his hands away a lot.

    I try it and eventually eat unapposed shots. My counter to tricky is tighter and better classical boxing.
    Of course, the better boxer wins.
    I should probably upload a video of sparring if I ever get one done (or spar [probably not randori] even) for your expert critique.

    Man, this makes me excited. I wish I could spar with you all.

    Edit: I actually replied to Gluckman and Permalost but Bullshido glitched out and it didn't post for whatever reason.
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    I stand with my strong side back and a bit bladed to not expose my mid region as an easy target..

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    I'm a really bad example, and not as good as I could be. I fight flat footed. I developed the habit from trying to recover from achilles tendinitis for the last year and not wanting to overwork my calf muscles on the injury. I'm at the tail end of the issue now, but I'm afraid of re-injuring it if I get up on my toes and work my calves constantly because tight and overworked calves are what caused it to begin with. So I've had a somewhat wide based stance with flat feet for a while now. I get up on my toes a little bit at a time, I just don't keep my weight on them, and my hips are square in an orthodox stance with my hands pretty close to my head usually.

    I have a lot of improving to do, though. I'd like to try to fix my footwork soon once I get a little bit more confidence in my legs back.
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    I fight southpaw 90% of the time, but I've had a little luck switching to orthodox every now and again. I keep my right hand close to my face and let the left hang out a few inches below my chin in anticipation of the reverse punch. Elbows in of course. My stance is wide with slightly more weight on the back leg. I try to square up a little more than the other folks at the dojang so I don't get kicked in the back by white belts.

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    I fight Southpaw, though I'm right handed (carryover from JKD).

    Long range: Side on to throw lead leg kicks and spinning kicks.
    Mid range: 45 degrees, back heel up.
    Close range: Squared up, back heel up.

    I tend to try to get as low as possible to allow for a more compact defense.

    Of course this is all in an ideal world and everything goes to **** when someone hits me.

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    My stance devolved due to a lower back injury followed by a hamstring injury. This changed in what kicks I could throw from what stance that didn't result in sudden pinching of the nerves. It wasn't long before the others in the club knew it too so I kept having to switch stance all the time. I kept a combination of a back stance, short front stance and what some tell me is a 'typical' fighting stance (short stance with body at 45 degrees). I am constantly switching these at any range, alternating between orthodox and southpaw, hopefully trying to keep them guessing what kick I can throw and when. I tend to keep my feet flat on the floor with the weight on the balls of my feet which helps keep me stable should I over-do it and my nerve inpingment decides to punish me for my stupidity.

    As for my guard, I try to keep my elbows locked to my body and my shoulders relaxed. My hands are usually open (bad habits from my eariler days) and I keep one hand up near my face and the other out in front. As with my stance, I constantly switch which hand is up and which is down. The closer my opponent gets, the higher and tighter my guard becomes, yet I still move my hands about. It's almost a compulsive need to be in a constant state of flux. I don't know why.

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