• Love this one. Max "The Clown Prince of Boxing'' Baer knocks Primo "The Ambling Alp" Carnera down eleven times in eleven rounds for the heavyweight championship of the world (The white heavyweight championship of the world to be precise).

    Baer was best known for his jovial personaility, playboy lifestyle, Jewish advocacy, and heinously huge punching power. During the parts of the fight when he and Carnera were wrestling on the canvas, Baer made the audience laugh by shouting "Last one up's a sissy!" He was inaccurately portrayed as an asshole in the 2005 film Cinderella Man by Craig Bierko.

    The final boxing match in the 1956 Humphrey Bogart film The Harder They Fall is partially based on this fight. Max Baer appears in the film as the heavyweight champion, and he faces off against a character obviously inspired by Primo Carnera.

    I consider these two amongst my favorite fighters, but for different reasons.
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