Gazzy Parman, a second degree BJJ black belt, weighs in on the upcoming fight between Liz Carmouche and Ronda Rousey. Parman has coached Carmouche in the past, and bases her prediction on this, and her own experience as a BJJ world champion:

Carmouche is a physically gifted, hard working, strong and intelligent individual with a great supportive team behind her, however I don't think that will be enough, this time.

Liz has he good days and bad days, like everyone. On a good day, Liz will keep her at bay and try to out strike her whilst avoiding the clinch- Ronda's beginning to her opponent's end. Liz will do a good job for a bit but Ronda will find her way in. Attempt a couple hip tosses of which may not pull through, but 3rd time's the charm. Ronda will flip (or trip) Liz to the floor (or very possibly an impressive Judo throw to wow the crowd).

Once on the ground, Liz will fight her off well for a bit IF she doesn't land in a terrible position- which is very possible IMO. Regardless, Ronda will find the arm once, Carmouche will escape, after which I think Liz will end up in Ronda's guard trying to land punches, exposing herself in the process. Ronda will find Liz's vulnerability from that position and finish in a triangle arm-bar or arm-bar...

Via Gazzy on Facebook.