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    Welcome to the site Jack. You really need to share what you're looking for in these martial arts you're asking us about. You keep asking for opinions, and seem interested in the general consensus of the site. Unless a martial art is a staple of MMA, it isn't the efficient way to obtain fighting skill. That rules out all the ones you've mentioned. So what are your reasons for choosing these arts?

    How strong is your need to be a skilled fighter? Do you really care? My advice is that if you're really interested in effectiveness, there are proven options. There are other options of varying effectivity. If you want to sacrifice effectivity for your preference, there's nothing wrong with that. Just don't want to lead yourself into dillusion, thinking you can rock the str33t, viewing everyone else with contemptuous ignorance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Napier View Post
    -Honestly a Muay Thai/Judo hybrid sounds damn near perfect! Someone get on that!
    It exists and is called Sanda/Sanshou (no groundwork, though).

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