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    I would be interested in knowing what diet you are following. The breathing is by far the worst symptom as of late. My Doctor is convinced I have spontaneously contracted Asthma and can't seem to get him to believe its all connected, its worst after eating I get wheezy and cough after eating. The swallowing and reflux is controlled by the meds.

    My op has been postponed to October. I'm ashamed to say to my diet is not great.
    Well I just eat cleaner foods and try not to eat heavy things. Also meat is hard to eat so I have to cut it up a lot (steak, pork chops). Chicken works ok most of the time. Just eat with less greasy stuff. but what is weird is I cna eat spicy stuff and I risk it because I love spicey food so once in awhile I will eat it and not worry.

    The best thing is regular cardio on the machines man and also interval training. It has reall yhelped my lungs a lot. My doctor also told me I seem to have asthma as well. What solved the mystery was getting an MRI that showed I have a hiatial hernia and then everyone knows why I have these symptons. So if your doctor won't believe you go to another doctor I guess.

    I hate inhalers too they never work for me.

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    Op cancelled. Have been on new meds the last few months, better ish diet and much better. Was violated with a small camera again and have been told no longer need the surgery.

    If anyone else out there has a hiatus hernia make sure you play around with the different meds available as they can make a massive difference. I Haven't trained for a few months but I feel 100 times better than I did 4 months ago so ready to get back on it.

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