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    Can we all take a chill pill, please?

    Firstly, I've already addressed the shittiness and amount of food I eat, there is NO NEED to repeat it.

    Secondly, alex, the amount of conflicting ideas regarding diet in general does make it difficult, no amount of you being a douche cause your back is giving out will change that. It might not be difficult for the person who makes his living off it, because I assume that you either spend most of your time keeping yourself up to date with research, or have done a significant amount of research yourself in the past. Either way, your revolutionary idea that my food consumption is too much and had quality is truly groundbreaking, I'll have to... oh, I already addressed that in my original post. You must've missed it.

    Thirdly, please, without telling me how much your perceptions of my diet sucks, comment on the question relating to dried fruit? Please. Pretty please.

    Fourthly, really, sometimes it seems like y'all want to show how fucking hard you can lay a smackdown. That **** needs to stop. At least when ChengPengFi said I eat too much he followed it up with several studies and references that fucking related to other parts of my post.

    Fifthly, no way, cualltaigh. I want a gold medal and I won't get that battling your kesa.
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    I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
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    I <3 Battlefields...

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    1,2) You are still complicating it way too much, that's the point of harping on the big issues.
    Eat less.

    3)Nuts, dried fruit and trail mix are CALORIE DENSE FOODS.
    I'd ditch those entirely myself, given your fairly lofty goals.

    Same goes for the shakes etc as mentioned; think about it.
    You don't want to add to your diet to lose weight.
    Vitamins etc are a different matter.

    I'd avoid limiting salt.
    If you're working out hard, and planning on cutting weight you need to pay attention to your salt intake as you hydrate.
    That's a complex relationship, that of water and salt content/volume, and how it will ultimately relate to your goals.
    For example low blood volume stimulates water GAIN!
    Acute cases of hyponatremia can be fatal.

    4) Ha! You should have seen what i was considering following up with, chubs.

    5) You should stay heavy, and film your demise.
    Who knows, you might even last longer and do "better", rather than going in dehydrated and with low glycogen

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    Re: I have to lose 15kg in 5 weeks.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChenPengFi View Post
    5) You should stay heavy, and film your demise.
    Who knows, you might even last longer and do "better", rather than going in dehydrated and with low glycogen

    You want to lose about 30 lbs in a month time. There's a reason nutritionists are gonna tell you how ridiculous this goal is; it's fucking ridiculous, there is no healthy way to do this.

    On the off chance you are able to lose this hefty amount of weight in the time given you will perform like **** and gas on the way to the event. My advice, stop eating like **** and just have fun getting your feet wet. There will be more events.
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    Just for future reference dude..... when you are doing it right you don't soil your under-roos when you nail chicks.

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    This sounds like it might turn into "how do I cut 10lbs in a day?"

    Which I have done and don't recommend.

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    Juice fast.

    You'll lose about as much weight as you possibly can, a lot of it in the first couple days of shitting. I'm not going to tell you that it's impossible, because it's not. Just improbable and a tad risky. Keep the water intake up and good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by battlefields View Post
    Fifthly, no way, cualltaigh. I want a gold medal and I won't get that battling your kesa.
    Oh well, can't blame a guy for trying (twice).

    It's not completely self serving though, in the comp last year I focused too much on making weight and rolled dehydrated on the first day (which wiped me out). And although I do roll using a lot more strength than you do (though I've been working on this) you will find that you have to work that much harder even for the simple things.
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    battlefields, how tall are you? The reason I wonder is because you are smaller than me but eat more than I do.

    Am I correct that you are drinking 3 protien shakes a day on the days you work out? What kind of shakes are they? Just off the top, dropping those will probably help a lot. But it's not going to be quick. At this stage you are talking about cutting weight to loose that much, not just dropping some pounds.

    The last time I did that, I decided that I'm too old and not serious enough to drop any more. I walk around at about 230lbs at 6ft. Last time I dropped was to 200lbs.

    If all else fails, and you are determined to drop, it could get ugly, but let me know and I'll throw some of those tactics at you.
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    I don't know if that quick and deep a cut is going to leave you in any condition to fight.

    You could 30lbs in a month going on a walkabout but what kind of shape will you be in after?

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    I got the **** beaten out of me at 72kg at a puny 1000 calories it was a real fucking chore to train (I trained everyday, 3 judo, 1 cardio, 3 strength) I slept a lot and felt like **** all the time.

    I weigh 86kg now at only like 3000 calories.

    These aren't much calories and all I eat is good food, I have composed a poem in your honor:

    Milk, nuts, eggs, beans, rice, and meat.
    Seriously that is all I eat.

    My point is cutting too much might affect your mentality and performance.

    Just a word of caution bro I suck at nutrition so I ain't gonna tell you what to do.

    Thus ends my contribution to your thread.

    Good luck.

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    Hey Battlefields, i'll give you a guideline of what i eat to lose weight and train daily at 80kg.

    Meal 1 at 7am before work:
    1 scoop protein + 4 fish oil

    Meal 2 at 11:30am:
    1 sandwich (multigrain bread + double most people's ham amount + 1 slice cheese + lots of green)

    Chewing gum through the day.

    Food on the way to the gym at 5:30pm:
    1x apple or pear or equivalent in whatever is nice like lychees

    Post workout (9pm):
    1 x yoghurt (one of those 6 pack things with the fruit/sugar added)
    5gm creatine

    1 hour after workout:
    250grams of steak with the fat on it dipped into Thai sauce (fish sauce, chill powder, lime, ground toasted rice, herbs)
    spinach + other vegetables.

    Cheat meals:
    There are none really, i allow for two restaurant meals a weekend where i go over the calorie amount but eat good stuff.

    Feel free to modify it slightly for your weight.
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