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    Need help starting out with an all round routine

    Hi, I've been dabbling in weight training every so often for the past year or so, and I would really like to actually get into a good routine. I do Muay Thai (looking at starting bjj as well) and would like to get into mma/Thai competitions ect. I would like strength mainly not mass, and cardio workouts as well for the stamina side of things.

    I've also looked at stretching but it seems with anything these days there are so many ways to do it I'm not sure where to begin. I need my kicks really to get higher.

    This might sound ridiculous but makiwara training also appeals to me, though I've heard it's easy to Injure yourself doing it and you need a proper instructor.

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    This will give you a good start

    Look in Youtube for MMA conditioning etc.. You have a lot of good routines and exercises there. You can chose some and post them here for an opinion.
    Also here, people have started threads about conditioning or exercises for whatever art.
    While working out to get fitter and stronger for MA and not for "show" you need to focus on exercises that work large groups of muscles at once. Isolating your muscles is more for body building than fighting.
    It is good to do circuits like the one i showed you, and/or super-sets...Cause again you need to fight a whole round and the bodybuilding routine of one exercise and than rest..is not ideal for you.
    For example let's say one day you do the randy routine (enough for one day..) the next day you want to work on muscles that didn't work hard in that drill, like the chest and upper back.
    So you need pull ups (all kinds) for your upper back (mainly), deeps for your chest (pecs) and something for your abdomen.
    Do them one after the other in concession. And rest for 30-60 sec in-between, you want to work with a high hart rate to simulate a fight. (Lets say 6-8 pull ups, 6-10 deeps, 15 sit ups, (short rest, depends on how fit you are 20-60 sec) and repeat that for 4-6 times, until you can't finish the minimum...and than some.
    If you are very fit, add weight to your pull ups and deeps..But don't exceed those numbers, you want to do a max of 8 maybe 10 reps.. less, like 6 is great.

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    Stronglifts! First!

    Boo ya, got it.

    Seriously, though, there's tons of information in the PT forums, just cruise around for a bit. In general though, check out Strong Lifts 5x5, Mark Rippitoes Starting Strength program, and http://rosstraining.com/blog/


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