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    Interesting Thread

    Interesting conversation. There are lots of questions about 911 that can be raised; this is the first time that I heard of this angle.

    The only problem with these questions is that they are set within a larger assumption: that the United States government, on purpose, organised the entire 911 event to justify cracking down on society and essentially 'turn Imperial'.
    Now, as much as I think US foreign policy, the Neocons, and all the cute justifications as to why it should be necessary to 'defend' oneself on other people's soil, suck ... that assumption is a step too far even for me.

    Not only don't I believe that such an impractical scheme would be put into motion when there could be so many simpler options, but I also don't believe that such a huge (and monstrous) scheme could be kept secret without *some* person who was involved stepping forward and spilling the beans to clean his own dirty conscience.

    Purely as an argument it is interesting enough - certainly Matt Phillips has put it forward lucidly and has done a good job in defending it.

    Nevertheless, there are too many unknowns for the argument to stand as being watertight.

    What if these guys had more than 100's of hours practise, and had practised somewhere else that wasn't picked up by the authorities?

    What if the pilots pushing the idea that the feat described is impossible are pushing their own agendas as well?

    What if the terrorists were really talented and simply better than your average wannabe pilot?

    What if the terrorists just got lucky?

    Frankly if a ww2 kamikaze with often minimal training could manage to plant a prop fighter onto a moving target at sea while having his plane shredded to pieces around him by flak ... then I can believe that a terrorist can plant a jetliner into a giant-ass building after practising it over and over again on simulators and whatnot.

    It just seems to me that Occam's razor is against the 911 theorists.

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    This link directly addresses the question of what speed a 767 can attain and its controllability at maximum speed, if anybody is interested:

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    Quote Originally Posted by BCS View Post
    Interesting conversation. There are lots of questions about 911 that can be raised
    Really I can only think of one, and it has to do with how such a **** up between a certain administration and our intelligence agencies occurred.

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