Not sure where to post this, since it's not yet a real investigation. My gym in DC just got a new martial arts instructor, Rama Chao. There's really very little information about him on the internet, so I started doing a bit more digging. His main claim is that he is a 'Black Krama' in Yutthakun Khorm. He describes it as the traditional Khmer way of fighting, and mentions it's known as Bokator in the West. From the research I've done, it doesn't look like he's connected with the main tradition of Bokator here, and the website for Yutthakun Khorm doesn't mention details about who's doing the training there. He claims to have taught at "Club Khamerak Klah Hoh in Phnom Penh, Cambodia," but I can't find any information about that anywhere other than a photo on the Yutthakun Khorm website.

Is anyone familiar with Yutthakun Khorm or Rama Chao? His profile is here: