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    Mr. Scoca has an account here (spent less than an hour total on it though). Would it be a bad idea to ask him if he would like to talk to us on here? If there's a reliable way to email him directly without going through the Titans MMA site, though, I haven't found it yet.

    Or maybe billythepunk's club owner would be willing to post?

    Also yeah all I can find about Ty Hatfield is that certificate on his FB signed by Al Case.

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    Re: Relson Gracie certified Fake Black Belt Name Roberto Scoca

    Quote Originally Posted by ChenPengFi View Post
    Interesting that i find no mention whatsoever of BJJ per se, or Pedro Sauer on Ty Hatfields Fb or school website.
    He also isn't 'friends' with anyone with a first name of Roberto or Carlos Hernandez.

    Did you contact TyRon to ask what his comments may be on these statements made, presumably, under his name?
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    Just for future reference dude..... when you are doing it right you don't soil your under-roos when you nail chicks.

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    We received some information that this guy Roberto Scoca taught taekwondo and aiki jiujitsu to kids and used to call his team MMA TIGERS in 2009, we are going to post a picture of him with a taekwondo kimono

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    Roberto Scoca in the left with a taekwondo kimono

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    So what ?

    The guy was/is involved in TKD, explain to me what your last post proves, exactly ?
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

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    I think they are trying to establish the basic facts of his professional martial arts teaching career, and indicate that he was teaching another completely different art as of 2009. The question then becomes to establish when he claims he received his BBJ belt, and when he began to teach BJJ professionally. Please carry on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Browning View Post
    I think they are trying to establish the basic facts of his professional martial arts teaching career, and indicate that he was teaching another completely different art as of 2009. The question then becomes to establish when he claims he received his BBJ belt, and when he began to teach BJJ professionally. Please carry on.
    Understood Sam, thanks for the clarification.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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    That's VERY interesting. I'll find it later, but there was a huge thread on the American Top Team Affiliate program.People were saying it could lead to people taking their tiered training seminars and make specious claims like the old Gracie Jiujitsu video course fiasco.

    Could this be the case?

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    Official List of Carlson Gracie’s Black Belts

    Note to all readers:
    This list was written by Master Carlson Gracie himself before he passed as a way to prevent charlatans or confused people from using his name to promote themselves or any interested party. The list was released in several BJJ newspapers and other media streams at the time. It is not a list made by BJJ Heroes or any other entity and is pretty conclusive. If you have “fantasies” about someone that you think got the black belt from Master Carlson and he is not on the list, he was not a Carlson black belt, get over it!

    Aaron Laponte
    Alberto dos Santos
    Alexandre Nascimento de Oliveira
    Alexandre Macedo
    Alexandre Derizans
    Allan Goes
    Amaury Bitetti
    André Mendes
    André Pederneiras
    Anselmo Montenegro
    Antônio Cláudio Correia Leite Buchaul
    Antônio Gadelha “Tony Malone”
    Antônio Ricardo Bittencourt Cavalcanti
    Antonio Ricardo Jardim Liborio
    Antônio ‘Tuninho” Rodrigues
    Armando “Maninho” Alves Gonçalves Filho
    André Mendes
    Arthur Vírgilio Neto
    Ary Galo
    Bráulio Carsalade
    Cassio Cardoso
    Carley Gracie (Brother)
    Carlos “Penão” Alexandre Conceição
    Carlos Antônio Rosado
    Carlos “Bagana”
    Carlos Henrique “Caíque” Vieira Cavalcanti Gomes de Oliveira
    Carlos Rollyson
    Carlson Gracie Júnior
    Carlson Guimaraes
    Cássio Cardoso
    Christian Kennedy Grandi
    Clayton de Souza
    Clóvis de Souza
    Crézio de Souza
    Daniel Cristoph
    Djalma José de Santana Filho
    Edyr Moreira da Silva “Monge”
    Edson Carvalho “Baiano”
    Elair Gilberto da Silva Reis
    Élcio Figueiredo
    Fábio Macieira
    Felipe Fígalo Barbosa
    Fernando Carlos “Nutri-Baby” Carvalho da Silva
    Fernando “Pinduka” Melo Guimarães
    Fernando Rosenthal
    Francisco “Grego” Trivelas
    Francisco “Toco” Albuquerque Neto
    Gustavo Gussem
    Gutenberg Mello
    Henrique Chvaicer
    Isaias De Souza
    Francisco “Grego” Trivelas
    Jerônimo Dix-Huit Rosado Ventura
    João Antônio Fernandes Filho
    José de Oliveira
    José Eduardo Vieira Cavalcanti Gomes de Oliveira
    José Mário Sperry
    Júlio César “Foca” Nunes
    Léo D’Ilha
    Luis Fernando “Nando” Da Costa
    Luís Carlos “Manimal” Mateus
    Luiz “Bebeo” Duarte
    Luís Carlos Vallois
    Luís Cláudio Isaías de Souza
    Luís Fernando “Nando” Costa
    Manoel Maria “Maneco” Cardoso Neto
    Marcel Laguna Duque Estrada
    Marcelo Allonso Duque Novais
    Marcelo Alonso
    Marcelo Pache
    Marcelo Procópio
    Marcelo “Bocão”
    Marcelo Saporito
    Marcelo Tadeu Domigues de Oliveira
    Marco Aurélio Kühner de Oliveira
    Marco Aurélio Lisboa Valladares
    Marcos “Parrumpinha” Da Matta
    Marcus Vinícius de Macedo Soares
    Marcus “Conan” Vinícius Figueiredo da Silveira Júnior
    Mário Cupertino
    Marvin Swhab
    Mauricio “Saddam”
    Miguel Kelner
    Miguel Monteiro de Carvalho
    Murilo Bustamante
    Orlando Saraiva
    Oswaldo “Paquetá” Gomes da Rosa
    Oswaldo Viana
    Otávio Augusto “Peixotinho” de Oliveira
    Paulo “Mamão” de Albuquerque Martins Pereira Filho
    Paulo Leite Filho “Paulão”
    Pedro Paulo de Secco Freire
    Renato Tavares
    Ricardo de La Riva Goded
    Ricardo Jucá Santos
    Ricardo Luis Moraes “Rey” Diogo
    Ricardo Luiz Perrone
    Ricardo “Kiko” Velloso
    Rocyan Gracie (brother)
    Rodrigo Medeiros
    Sérgio Abimerhy
    Sérgio “Bolão” de Souza
    Sérgio Íris de Almeida
    Wallid Farid Ismail
    Walter “Soldado” da Silva
    Walter Guimarães
    Wander de Souza
    Vauvernargues Xavier Vicentini
    Vitor Belfort

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    Hi my name is Roberto Scoca,
    1st I have to answer why I took so long to answer this post. I have total respect for the community and for the martial art.
    I was in China… I got an invitation for a huge MMA brand to help in BJJ program (Zahabi MMA China). I was supervising all the staff and making sure of the liability of the business. Later I was invited in different gym (Titans MMA China). This is the reason why I didn’t answer before.
    Now we have this person making very bad accusations about me. I think if we know the full story we can make a right judgment. Lest start by knowing the person that is making this accusations. “Bjjudge” this person name is Milton Marin.

    Look for his webside:
    And this is his information. But before read this understands that all these associations are create by him in Costa Rica, these are no real associations. He is a lawyer and he is able to create this association in order to make it look real to the MMA community. But these are not real.

    Sensei Milton Marin

    • CEO of MMA Costa Rica and Costa Rica Training Center
    • 20 years’ experience in martial arts and contact sports.
    • Third Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing - Kickboxing Global Organization, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Professor Claudio Badenas). Second Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing, Kickboxing Salvadoran Federation (Professor CarlosBetancourt).
    • Black Belt in Full Contact Kartate (Kyokushin Karate) and representative Kyokuyama Costa Rica International Karate Organization (Shihan Guzman Emarruspe).
    • Brasilian Jiujitsu Blue Belt, Professor André Oliveira.

    He has competed nationally and internationally in the styles of Kyokushin Karate, Kickboxing and MMA.
    Director for Latin America of the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and the International Federation of Sports Combat (ISCF)
    Costa Rica Representative of World Kickboxing Association (WKA)
    Promoter martial arts and contact sports since 2004.
    Co-Director, Costa Rica Fight League.
    International Referee Judge and Mixed Martial Arts.

    **Important information: There is no belt for Kickboxing. Kickboxing is a sport not a martial art.

    Now, the reason why he is making these accusations is this one:

    I move to Costa Rica in 2011. So before I get to Costa Rica I did a research on internet for check if it was a market for BJJ or MMA in Costa Rica. Finally I search MMA Costa Rica and this person show up so I send him a message just asking for the market because I want to open a Relson Gracie Gym in Costa Rica.
    For me was a dream to move to Costa Rica, so we keep in touch and this guy start getting too friendly, that my very suspicious. In that time I was thinking we were friends. This guy is a Mormon like me, so I trust him. He actually priest in the place.

    He offered to help me to move to Costa Rica, so my idea was as soon as I got there, I was going to start looking for a place for rent in order to open my Academy. Milton Marin told me at that moment that he will like to help me so I can open an Academy in Costa Rica. So I believe him.

    With a couple days he insists in hire me in his gym. His gym was really lonely, no more than 20 to 30 people and I didn´t know why he claims he has 300 students all time and he was the best and truth MMA. So I decide rent the space for start teaching, but I never accept to work with him or sign a contract with him. I start getting suspicious of what he says all time, the place don’t even have tatami. He claims have a fitness gym and actually the fitness area was very depressing.

    So I see the place and I say to myself: “well all start is hard so lest help”. I start investment in t-shirt, equipment, and tatami because the place was very creepy, and of course Milton Marin was saying that he was making the investment and the construction of the place by himself. I didn’t know this until I left the place. He opens the place 6 years before I arrive, but he never invests in nothing. The place began to change because of my investment.

    With the time the place start getting better, more people were going to train. In one month I did 70 students, only in BJJ and the next month I did 110 students for my program. I invite my professor, Relson Gracie, and I did a seminar. The seminar was a success and Relson was happy in Costa Rica, but didn’t like Milton Marin or his place. Relson Gracie told me that look for a different place for his academy, he recommend me to look for a place just for my Academy without Milton Marin, the reason was because Relson Gracie didn’t truth him, Relson Gracie didn’t like the fact that this Milton Marin didn’t have good relations with all the gyms in Costa Rica, Relson hear him told **** about other academy and express bad about all the other black Belts. Relson Gracie told me that in Gracie Jiu Jitsu we have good relations with other academy because these academies are the ones that help us to grow up in our competitions.

    After the Relson Gracie Seminar people was getting more interesting in Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Costa Rica, but Milton Marin didn’t like the fact that I have more students. He start doing tricks, like tell the new people that was going to the gym for jiu jitsu that BJJ was too hard and it was better to start with Kickboxing for one or two month and them try BJJ, so people believe him I didn’t start with bjj and just paid for Kickboxing. So I start putting attention to the front desk, in that time we have a mutual employee for help people at front desk and of course I thought this guy was working for the both of us, his name was Carlos. So I start putting attention to the process of enrolling people and this guy was telling to all new people that the BJJ was very hard for start training. Of course that make me very upset because it was affecting my business, so I confront them but they denied it.

    I decide to start investigating Milton Marin. I did not know why the guy never got invite to other academies events, why he express very bad of the other gyms in the country specially of the black belts in BJJ, and why he said that his ex-students and ex-coworkers betrayed him and open a new gym, more than ones. All this coworker were BJJ Black Belt, actually almost all the BJJ Black Belt in Costa Rica gave classes on his place, but now all of them hate him. I start asking to my students and they told me what happen. I did not believe it this guy was a church guy. The ex-students leave because they have many complains of been sexual harassed. Plus in the place have showers and Milton Marin sometimes got inside when the girls were getting showers with the excuse of start cleaning the place exactly at that moment. Also have holes in the sheetrock walls in order to spy on the girls.
    Them a friend shows me what kind of person Milton Marin is. He show me a paper from Costa Rica Court when one of his students (a girl) make a demand against his wife because his wife hit her when she found them together (Milton and his girl student) cheating on her and this girl put a restriction order against his wife.
    Also I start talking with other BJJ Black Belts and they told me that get out of that place as soon as possible because Milton Marin was a bad person and a liar.
    At that moment I discover the truth and I decided to move out of the place.
    I talk to more people and all people really recommend me to move out and them they told me many very creepy stories about him. I talk to my students and we move out.

    Then I start looking for a new place, it was hard but finally I got one and it was 2 blocks away from his place but it was the only place I can afford at that moment. This guy hear that I got that place and he got very upset, he started sending email to the students telling them lies about me and the reason why I was moving out, as he did with all the previous BJJ Black Belts that work in that place. Al so he started sending me emails saying to watch my back. And many different types of intimidation as he always did with previous co-worker. People tool me that this guys was going to get more nasty and I did not believe them but he did it. He start calling my wife and making her feel really bad.

    In that time I was in process of legalizing my status in Costa Rica, so many friends recommend me didn’t react to his campaign. He is a lawyer and have good relationship with the council of the city, Milton start calling me to tell me that he will do everything he can in order to avoid that I open my place. When I ask the local gyms about that, they start telling me all the problems this guy did, like sent students of his place to put steel chains to their gyms for difficult the opening in the mornings, also he send the city inspectors for close gyms. He try to make me quit and not open my gym.

    My new Relson Gracie Costa Rica Academy had a huge success and we had a reopening seminar with Rhalan & Relson Gracie. In that time this guy starts with a campaign of claiming I was a liar and I was going to steal the money of my students. So that affect my seminar but we did it anyway. And it was a huge success. But this guy was very upset because of my success and now starts inventing stories about me. So I challenge the guy to a fight in a ring and in that time all the country knows of the problem with this guy and me. So I did public the challenge and the guy just hide, that’s why he did say I have a problem with a professor, and it is thru, with him. I told him any day any time. I’m still waiting.

    Them the China project start I get invited for same of my black belts from United States and investors for Zahabi MMA. So I went to China. When this guy find out he start a campaign of stilling students and making offers discount, even free memberships because he keep telling I was going to state in China. One of my ex-students is his good friend, a Chinese guy, and he call me ones to China and ask me when I get back, I was joking with the guy and I told him that I didn’t know, that China is very cool and I maybe stay there. Of course was a joke. This guy contact Milton Marin and came out with this post. The reason why he didn’t want me back is just because I’m not good for his business. If I´m in Costa Rica he always loss students.

    Whit all respect to this web. I think is very unprofessional to encourage this type of behavior of an anonymous person and disrespect people with real names.

    Now in order to answer some the questions:
    1. I denied all the accusations of this person. The real reason is a personal problem between Milton Marin and me. I´m a real Carlson Gracie Black Belt. I did my training in private at that time because Brazil was very dangerous and my family was worry about it. Now my current Association supports me 100% because of my well representation of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and I show to Grand master Relson Gracie that I’m a Black Belt in Gracie Jiu JItsu. Also I have 100% knowledge of Real Gracie Jiu Jitsu.
    2. It is a Lie that I never roll. I roll with all the people and students in my academy. My real students know that. I take care of my students that way and I don’t let white belt roll until there are really to roll. And I accept challenges all time. I never say no
    3. I never teach or train in Mexico; I did my train in Brazil. That is why no one knows me in Mexico.
    4. In Utah I buy a tae kwon do gym from a Korean guy, the one on the picture and he invited me to his event before he sells it to me. Tiger Moon MMA Aiki Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo was the name of the previous owner of the gym that I bought in order to open my new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gym. And I change the name later.
    5. My recommendations are these: don’t let people walk in to your mind with their dirty feet.

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