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    You Brits can answer a question I have - Thatcher wanted home ownership so offered council housing for sale but many couldn't afford it so companies bought up real estate so now there is actually less control over rents and more suffer and the whole scheme back fired? Is that the case?
    It's utter nonsense.

    I know it's nonsense, because my maternal grandparents were able to buy their house due to the privatisation. My maternal grandfather was a worker in a car factory and my maternal grandmother was a stay at home mother. They lived in a city where the dominant employer was the state owned car companies

    They were able to buy the house they'd be born in but never owned thanks to the Thatcher government's privatisation.

    Bear in mind that it's portrayed as this madcap rushed scheme whereby overnight every council house was suddenly for sale to the highest bidder. This is an utter lie.

    In reality the scheme was cleverly designed so that it not only had discounted rates based on how long you had been a tenant, but also had a penalty clause whereby if you then sold it on within a certain time period you would have to pay back a chunk of the discount you had received.

    This meant that people who had paid rent on their council house for longest got the biggest discount and it stopped property companies from hoovering up houses from newly created property owners by disincentivising new council house owners from selling on through the discount pay back penalty clause.

    Mid 30s middle class left wingers with trust funds will waffle on about how awful this privatisation was. Yet go and talk to the 70 year old retired, low paid, working class council estate housed people like my grandparents who were the ones that actually were affected by the policy and got the chance to buy their council house and they will tell you how it was the best thing that ever happened to them. How it gave them such an immense sense of pride to be property owners and how the change from a situation where every rent payment to the council was basicly throwing money down a hole to one where every payment on the heavily discounted mortgage was a step towards the day they owned their own home outright.

    The left have tried to re-write British history to portray housing privatisation as something evil and an attack on the working class. The reality is that it was the policy that won Thatcher more votes from the working class then anything else. The working class were absolutely desperate for the self-respect and sense of security that comes with coming home after a long hard days work to a house you know that you either own or know will soon own. Rather than the sense of dependency and insecurity that comes with knowing that the front hall you step into after a day on the factory floor is only yours for as long as the local council sees fit.

    There's a reason Labour have never dared to try and reverse the policy, because they know how barn stormingly popular it is with working people.

    There's also a reason that the Conservatives won 3 elections in a row under Thatcher and then won a 4th after she left, racking up 18 years in government. That fact is, that no matter what the British left may say, the British people liked Thatcherism and they rejected the socialist alternative offered by Labour.
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