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    I've been a drummer for the last 10 years or so; started on orchestra/concert band stuff - snare, bass drum, cymbals, etc. - and then moved to kit once the band I was in purchased one. Mostly been playing kit since then, but I've played around with a couple of hand percussion styles and just really enjoy percussion on the whole.

    Also wanted to echo earlier thoughts about drumming crossing over into stick work - definitely observed that as well in the minuscule amount of FMA I've done previously. Great to hear from other drummers on BS! Thanks, Diesel.

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    I used to play in a post punk band. I can say that it was the only thing keeping me fit at the time. Problem was I didn't have a kit at home, so I got locked into playing one style and I found that the quality of my drumming actually went down even though I was playing a lot more.

    There were some times when I would just want the concert to end because my arms and wrists were so sore and I was exhausted, I just couldn't keep playing and didn't want to go out on a messed up song. Shitty guitarist though would always try to keep going, I tried to explain to them that it was easier for them energy wise than it was for me but I don't think they believed it.

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    Yeah, I never liked being cornered into playing one type of music. After a while you get frustrated and feel like a caged animal. It's always fun playing to music but I like playing alone, with the free expression better.

    Has anyone seen the movie: "intangible asset no. 82"? It's on Netflix. I've seen some esoteric drumming before in drum circles but never anything on that level. To me it seemed like a combination of drumming and taiji. I'd be curious to hear other drummers views on that movie.
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