"The night before the fight I weighed 9st 8lb," Farrell remembers. "I hardly ate or drank the week before. Everyone says drink as much water as you want. But if I drank 500ml I'd put on a pound and need to sweat it out. Every morning I was on the treadmill and there was a portable sauna in my bedroom. I'd go in there with my sweatsuit so I kept my water levels low. I didn't have a wee until the morning after I weighed-in. As soon as I stepped off the scales I had all these sports rehydration drinks and cups of sweet tea. I was downing water like a sponge. I could feel my body sucking up the moisture. By the time I walked to the ring I weighed 10st 12lb. I'd put on 18 pounds."

Isn't this a really outdated way to be training? Shouldn't a professional athelete be working with a nutritionist to be keeping him close to his target weight without doing this? I read interviews with the GB Olympic boxing team saying how they were laughing at the Cubans running round in sweat suits because they'd been bang on their weight for weeks.

I'm no more than a casual boxing fan, perhaps someone who knows what they're talking about can enlighten me.