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    to get back on topic...

    Has anyone read about or had much experience with the grappling component of Kyokushin? A mate of mine found an old syllabus on the net that had a fairly comprehensive grappling element, including ne waza. It is my understanding that Sosai Oyama had a grappling background as well, and he included this in his teachings.

    It seems to me these days that Kyokushin has moved far from this freer style of sparring to a model more based around the tournament format. I certainly know very few instructors who teach much beyond the striking aspects of the art with some self defence thrown in as well, but this could be more a reflection of the branch I'm in rather than Kyokushin as a whole.

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    I distinctly remember learning a version of osoto gari whilst in a very traditional shotokan dojo; of course, one of the sensei's could've have some judo/jujitsu experience and decided to introduce it. But as this was a counter to mae geri, it was executed a little differently.

    Whilst mostly we got taught to capitalise on a downed opponent with atemi, we were also shown and practised a form of mune gatame with hooking of the leg. So, some thinking going on there...

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    From what I've read a lot of Okinawan karate guys were/are also Okinawan folkstyle wrestlers, and a lot of Japanese karate guys followed the same pattern with judo, so "traditional" training includes "learn some grappling too."

    Okinawan Shima (which I've seen sources identify as Tegumi):


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