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Thread: My first fight!

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    It looked like a good fight, I would have liked to see the whole thing though. At any rate, what has been said about punching (specifically, using the jab) I absolutely agree with. It is common for TKD practitioners to incorporate fewer hand techniques in their fighting, as you already know. I believe you will find that once you properly incorporate punch combinations in your fighting, your kicks will land more often because your opponent will have to cover more angles of attack.

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    good fight,i enjoy it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yimchaloi View Post

    This is a 2-minute compilation of my 1st full-contact kickboxing fight I've done lots of semi-full-contact sport TKD competitions, but this was wholly out of my experience. I only had a couple weeks to cut 11 lbs and prepare to fight. This was my opponent's 4th fight, but I'm not sure of his record. I think it's 2-2 after this one.

    Lemme know what ya'll think. I'm both very proud /and/ a little embarrassed by my performance. My next fight is in 13 weeks and I've got 10,000 things to practice and work on before then. I fought well last time, but I'm still lucky that I didn't get my face messed up tbh.

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