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Honestly?? not as much as you guys in Auckland sadly, plus with kids i don't get to as many as i would like, so maybe only 1/2 doz this last yr. The club fights mostly consist of 1/3 - 2/3 novice,first time ammy, and usually the rest ammy with normally one title type fight on. Mostly fighting within South Island but frequent trips to Welly, and very rarely to Akl.

But yes,i still see shittier fighting than this at every event i've been too. Mostly its first timers,or older guys who just do the "swing for the fences" thing, but at the same time i watched an MMA type title fight where both fighter were worse than Ms Wray when it came to striking, yes,seriously. So, i don't feel my comments were out of line.

Part of the problem i see here?? is there is so much good quality fighting around ppl have come to expect it all the time. I thought she fought well,esp for first timer,seemed composed, well prepped and werked her skill set throughly. Her opponent didn't help her show case any skill, but Ms Wray consistantly worked straight shots and combos that landed reasonably cleanly,won by tko and handled the small amount of ground time fine. Was it an awesome fight?? no. If i was in her corner would i have been pleased with how she went?? absolutely. Its not that i thought she was awesome,but she sure wasn't anywhere near as crap as ppl were making out.
are you thick? I said yes ive seen worse. i also have seen MUCH better in a first fight. youre telling me that she was so good you cant believe it is her first time? youve NEVER seen a first time fight better than that? youre either a liar or plain old retarded. remember that if you dont balance the sheep fucking out with copious drinking and tailgating, the fine balance we kiwis keep is lost and you become a burbling fuckass (i.e. australian)