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    Hey all:

    Has anyone heard of these guys, and/or their style ?

    threeriversbudokai . com

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    I found and earlier thread:

    The kanji on the wall in the photos says "Itto Tenshin Ryu". I've never come across this as a legitimate koryu. Normal japanese convention would have it as "Tenshin Itto Ryu" (but not always).

    "Yamate Ryu" makes no sense in Japanese - there woudl be a particle between the yama and the te - sounds like he is trying to come across as a mountian mystic. Here's another link I found:

    Their wording is trying to make it sound like a koryu, hence the aikijitsu rather than aikido. Regardless of what they want to call it, nage's balance in the photos is sloppy - I doubt they are generating much power.
    Depends what you are after in your training.

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    Thats a freaking intense website! The only way to be sure is to check the place out. They appear non-affiliated with your typical organization, but you could ask them that...if its important to you. Looks like its an independent group. A lot of people look down on that, but that doesn't mean they aren't decent. I couldn't find any videos of their movements on Youtube, so I can't comment on their quality. Their organization has a couple schools near places to travel to, so maybe I'll check them out sometime...though they don't appear to be particularly welcoming to drop-ins....they seem almost secretive. This could be attributed to them trying to keep their stuff away from criticism because they know they suck, or they could seriously be trying to regulate their student type and get only serious students...which could be cool. I'm going to have to lean toward the negative side, but I'm jaded.

    Another note. While there is a lot of aiki stuff floating around, meaning you could potentially be well received by others if your techniques are good, it is a different story with swordsmanship. You will almost certainly not be well regarded by following a "made up traditional sword style" in the kenjutsu/iaido world. Particularly if they are claiming traditional sword ryu. Oh, they have a facebook page with some videos...not real telling though.
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    Depends what you want out of your training? In your other thread you said something that works, works where? I am assuming you mean for self defence.

    That is a serious website but I would guess from a section of the site where it talks about budo, Kata and forms that they do a lot more bowing, overusing the term Sensei and Japanese History than Randori/Sparing. You would have to ask them for confirmation at your “interview?

    There are real benefits of the Aiki training Discipline, concentration, friends and fitness but learning to fight properly is questionable for this I direct you to a video on their facebook

    I don’t think I need to write a comment on that

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    Everything needed to say was already said.

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    Itto Tenshin Ryu is Fred Lovret's style. He is a very controversial figure. I have no direct experience, but looking at past discussions (other people's opinions) at worst, the style is completely made-up and the organization is cult-like. At best, it is his interpretation of traditional styles and some people feel he has skill. Personally based on the recommendations of people I trust I would steer clear.

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    NeilG hits the nail on the head.

    Just to reiterate from someone with both a Gendai and Koryu background, I wouldn't waste my time or money.

    As Neil states, steer clear.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

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