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    Anyone heard of this gym?... And BJJ or MMA for defense?

    Hey, has anyone heard of or tried Modern Martial Arts in NYC, on the upper east side? If not, can someone check out the link and lemme know if it looks legit? They're a bit costly (as all of NYC BJJ seems to be), but I don't see any big name teacher involved, so I was curious. I did a search of the site already and found nothing. (Or can anyone recommend a good BJJ spot on the UES if this one is no good?)


    Also, I have 6 months to train in self defense before I take a dangerous teaching position abroad, so which would be better approach to self defense, BJJ or MMA? I decided to take BJJ over the other arts, but this place seems to offer both, so which would be better to take, considering I have only 6 months and my safety could depend on it?

    Thanks everyone.

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