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    December 27 Blood Drive at NY Combat Sambo

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    Hurricane Sandy Creates Blood Emergency!

    November 30, 2012/New York, NY. After Hurricane Sandy, the New York Blood Center supply dropped 6,000 units (some estimates as high as 13,000). You saw what happened with a two day interruption of gasoline supply? Now imagine that same interruption in blood supply. The holiday season is an added obstacle in that donations are typically much lower than normal. Most people don't know that blood donations only last 30 days. Platelet donations only last 7 days. The NYC martial arts community can help now by stepping up and donating blood!

    NYBC serves more than 20 million people in New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and New Jersey. Together with New York Combat Sambo, we are asking you to join the recovery! We will be hosting a blood drive on December 27, 2012 from 3 – 9pm. We are also excited to announce that the first 30 donors will receive a FREE signed copy of Jim Genia’s best-selling “Raw Combat: The Underground World of Mixed Martial Arts.” And if you donate platelets (first 3 people), you will ALSO receive a signed copy of Matthew Polly's "Tapped Out"

    If you can’t make it to donate, please help us by taking a moment to promote the blood drive on your websites, blogs, to your students, on your podcasts, radio & television programs, anywhere you can! We want to beat our goal of 30 donors. Let’s show our city what its martial art community can do! If you need promotional materials, let us know and we will get them to you.

    "We anticipated some of the potential effects of Hurricane Sandy and delivered blood in advance to our 200 partner hospitals" said NYBC Vice President Rob Purvis. "Our first priority remains getting them whatever they need for the care of patients, including surgeries that had to be delayed. Plus - with the holiday season right around the corner - we're in a tough spot," Purvis added. "We need the help of our communities to recover and replenish the supply."

    Blood donors at the NYCS Drive receive a free mini-medical exam (temperature, blood pressure and hematocrit levels). Donors must be at least age 16 (with parental permission), weigh at least 110lbs, and in good health.

    To donate blood at this Drive, register on-line directly with the New York Blood Center: https://drm.nybloodcenter.org/Public...px?Group=67047

    Please visit our Facebook event page for more info! Search for “NY Combat Sambo Blood Drive” or follow this link: www.facebook.com/events/396549093751043/


    If you are not sure if you are eligible to donate, you can call 1-800-688-0900 to see if you have any restrictions to donation. You can also visit this link: http://www.nybloodcenter.org/who-can...68&page_id=158

    Learn more about the NY Blood Center here:
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    I approve of this message!
    I'd help out if i were in a similar hemisphere, but I encourage any bullies in the area to seriously consider donating some blood, if they can spare it.

    Scrape some off the mat, if you need to. :)
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    I tried to donate in the days immediately following Hurricane Sandy at the NJ Blood Council Bloodmobile instead of my usually Red Cross appointment, since I was past due. They screwed up taking my blood in both arms because the big ropy vein on the outside proved too challenging and they instead stabbed my bicep (I'm still bruised) and I have to wait another month or so before I'm allowed to try again :(.

    I want to give my O- to someone, damnit.


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