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    Thoughts on adding exercises to StrongLifts

    Was just curious what other people thought about adding additional exercises to programs like Stonglifts or Starting Strength. My reasons for asking are twofold: One, I had ACDF surgery back in March and am back to training, plus I have subacromial impingment in the shoulder so my orthopedic doc recommended certain shoulder exercises. Second, I've been doing alot of research on different strength programs and came across Eric Cressey and bought his book Maximum Strength. It's a bit different than Strong Lifts or Starting Strength in that he uses additional exercises besides the Squat, Bench, Deadlift, etc., and actually uses front squats, box squats, etc. Also included in his program are things like seated rows, one arm dumbbell presses..you get the idea.

    I do some additional exercises besides the squats, benches, etc. in StrongLifts...sometimes adding seated rows, pulldowns, etc. Again with my shoulder issue which is improving, it's real important for me to keep my back strong and conditioned, as well as the scapular muscles, rear delts, lower traps, etc.

    Just was curious what other people do with their training and whether or not they have added additional exercises.

    For years, before coming across programs like starting strength and strong lifts, I was doing the typical 8-12 rep training which now I see is totally useless for someone practicing martial arts. Plus, those old training routines really set you up for injury with bad advice like keep your head up during squats and barbell rows rather than in a neutral position, etc...no wonder my neck was a mess.

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    The disclaimer is no one here will be able to help nearly as much as someone in person. If you're returning from surgery and dealing with pain, then a medical rehabilitation specialist is going to be a good bet. It's always best if they have a sporting focus or background and my own bias is toward clinicians who use manual therapy and the SFMA. A good personal trainer can easily be better than a mediocre rehab person who might stick you with band shoulder external rotations for ages.

    That being said, if you modify a program then it's technically no longer the same program. Stronglifts is big and basic, but it's not very friendly toward people with injuries. I would advise against modifying the program yourself unless you have a lot of confidence in your own program design skills. It's not rocket surgery, but the program designer(s) picked what they did for a reason.

    Eric Cressey does fantastic work, especially with shoulders, but again written programs are rarely made for people who are injured because injuries are so specific. An AC joint impingement is going to make full ROM benching painful, but overhead pressing is usually fine. A subacromial impingement can in many cases be the exact opposite. My feeling is always to get specific advice on these things, but if you need generalizations you're probably on a good track.

    P.S. push ups are awesome for getting your pressing in without aggravating anything and getting the add benefit of some scapular upward rotation
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