Hey, friends.

You all were kind enough to point out a Gracie affiliated gym I had a great experience with in Norristown, PA, a bit of time ago. Thanks!

I find myself now in Tulsa, OK. (There was a woman involved). I am not too serious about training, as I run four days a week, and fence foil three, I can only give a day or maybe two to MA, but I do find it fun, and more so in a gym that does non-compliant sparring. Bruises are fun!

So I am searching. Of course going to go search threads, but if you have ideas, cool.

Also wondering if there are any practitioners out there like me, I am not terribly interested in belts, etc..., but enjoy working out, and sparring as something fun, keeps me fit, and I meet some cool people. No real illusions about being or becoming a badass,

Well, though, if we are talking swordplay, I am kind of badass :)

Anyway, love to hear some opinions, particularly about places I can get some decent classes, and a good workout, even if it doesn't train me to be the Most Greatest Warrior On Earth.