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    Quote Originally Posted by Wing-Kwan-Fu View Post
    No way this kind of vigilante attitude would get some random lookalike assaulted. Just ask Floridians named Zimmerman. ATTACK ALL
    You've come up with an apples to oranges comparison. I'm not talking about lookalikes or any type of racist **** which may be the case with Zimmerman. Zimmerman was rolling around like: 'Go Ahead, Make My Day'. He thought Mr. Martin may have been up to something shady or might be going to do something illegal. I don't know what Zimmerman's intentions were initially, but **** escalated to a bad end. This was the something might be, is going to be, or could be going to happen scenario.

    I am talking about citizens 'intervening' in attacks: the **** has already happened and I'm going to do something about it. I am also talking about what happens when someone is incarcerated; if they are a known child-molester or rapist, they have to be segregated from the general population. Someone like this ****-stain, caught on video and attempting to justify what he did by saying she looked him wrong.

    Maybe you remember the viral video of the guy kicking the legs out from under the drunk chick beside the pool.
    This may or may not require intervention: Drunk lady was active in the situation, she let her mouth override her ass and even got physical with him. I think the guy was an asshole for doing what he did.

    On the London situation, that guy needs his drunk / high ass skinned up a little bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wing-Kwan-Fu View Post
    EDIT: I saw a movie yesterday and fully half of the trailers were for movies about cops or civilians violently breaking the law in pursuit of their own vision of justice. Just once I want to see a movie like that that ends with an unjustified killing and jail time for the vigilante...
    I bet you'd like to watch porn where the protagonist gets punched by the heavily tattooed librarian, told to "stop playing around and finish up before Breaking Amish starts" and eventually dies of a historic case of genital warts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strikistanian View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil
    Why is it so goddamn hard to find a video of it? I've seen videos I'm pretty sure are alien spacecraft. But still no good Krav.
    Quote Originally Posted by Plasma
    At the point, I must act! You see my rashguard saids "Jiu Jitsu vs The World" and "The World" was standing in front me teaching Anti-Grappling in a school I help run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ermghoti View Post
    I bet you'd like to watch porn where the protagonist gets punched by the heavily tattooed librarian, told to "stop playing around and finish up before Breaking Amish starts" and eventually dies of a historic case of genital warts.
    Those are always terrible

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    Oh look, he had done it more than once....
    [h=Man jailed for punch attack on teenage girl in Plaistow]1[/h]Ayoade pleaded guilty to assault
    Continue reading the main story[h=Related Stories]2[/h]

    A man has been jailed for four years for knocking a 16-year-old girl unconscious in a street in east London.
    Michael Ayoade, 34, of Green Gate Street, Plaistow, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm on the girl in Plaistow on 13 November.
    He also admitted punching a female student unconscious in Newham.
    The 16-year-old sustained bruising, cuts to her head and face, and chipped teeth when she was hit on the head near the Black Lion pub.
    Ayoade was caught on CCTV staging the random assaults.
    The 16-year-old victim was walking near the Black Lion pub in High Street, Plaistow, when Ayoade jogged up behind her and punched her in the head.
    She fell to the ground and was left lying unconscious on the pavement.
    'Shocking violence'He attacked university student Daniella Montieth at Plaistow station on 20 November 2011.
    Continue reading the main story[h=“Start Quote]2[/h]
    These were unprovoked and cowardly attacks on defenceless women for no reason whatsoever”
    Det Con Glenn PeachMetropolitan Police

    He hit the student, who was only 5ft 4in (1.63m), in the side of the head, leaving her sprawled unconscious in the ticket hall.
    Judge Roger Chapple said these were "vicious, unprovoked attacks on young, lone females".
    "The footage captures graphically the shocking violence of these attacks," he added.
    "In both cases the force of the blow was such as to render the victims unconscious albeit mercifully not for long."
    Ayoade had previously admitted two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and one count of possession of cannabis after a bag of the drug was found at his home.
    Following the sentencing, investigating officer Det Con Glenn Peach said: "These were unprovoked and cowardly attacks on defenceless women for no reason whatsoever.
    "Ayoade has expressed little remorse for what he has done.
    "He was a clearly a danger to the public and needed to be caught before he caused serious injury to someone else."

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    That was so random but i would give this fucker a nice ass wooping
    Nothing worse than a random assault in the street...

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