Alright so, I need help picking a gym. So I'm a student and have to work 2 days during the week and also saturday and sunday. Currently I work tuesdays and thursdays. This is a factor because I can't train everyday... Which gym would you guys go to if you were in my situation? I tried to post the links but cant since I dont have 5 posts, but if you could please take the time to help me out still and search.

Legends Training Center Edmonton

This gym is in a good location for me and seems pretty legit. Downside, from pictures it looks like they have a lot of women in the class, not that I have anything against women in MMA, infact I think it's great, but I perfer not to spar and grapple with them, which you can see from photos clearly happens...

Panther Gym Edmonton

Looks like a great workout, but it's primary focus is boxing and I would like kickboxing (Muay Thai to be specific - which they dont have), this class is also in a great location. However, it looks like they have more girls than guys and after watching their video, I was really turned off of this place for some reason.

Hayabusa Training Center St.Albert

The most expensive place, but it seems legit I guess with all the pro fighters... However, I don't know how involved the pro fighters are actually in the classes. Not really any photos to look at so I don't really know who goes there, but I am also worried it will be packed because it's got the "Hayabusa" name...

Looks like I would have to change my work schedule for Hayabusa and Panthers, which isnt a huge deal but still a pain... Which gym looks the best?