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    extreme mma chadstone Melbourne,AU

    mma review ratings
    Aliveness: 7
    Equipment: 8
    Gym Size: 9
    Atmosphere/Attitude: 8
    Striking Instruction: 8
    Grappling Instruction: 9
    Weapons Instruction: 1
    extreme mma Australia

    there is currently 3 extreme mma in the australia. 2 located in melbourne,vic and another one in bayon bay in NSW

    the extreme branch i train in is at chadstone melbourne. i will be reviewing this gym.
    i've been trainining at extreme for about 9months now.

    according to the website the head figure of the gym is john donehue. he is a 3rd dan bjj black belt. yet he is only at the gym 2 times a week. even when he is around, he doesn't suit up to train but mostly just focus on daily activities of the gym.

    the main bjj instructor at the gym is marcelino fretias. he has been training bjj since his teenage years under novo uniao. he is an absolute beast on the mat. light weight fighter with superb skills and knowledge.

    the new mma coach is rodolfo marques diniz replacing cris brown. rodolfo is an active mma fighter holds a black belt in bjj. under novo uniao fight camp, he holds an impressive mma record and very skilled and striking and grappling.


    the gym itself is very big in size. there is a small wrestling mat area with heavy bags. a ring area and also a big mat area about 2 competition size mat space. there is also a small free weights area where olympic barbells and kettle bell can be used. yet the building itself isn't new by any standards, the gym itself is clean.
    there are thai pads and gloves for use for new members.


    all classes are 1hr. grappling classes are usually setup as follows
    there is usually 10min warm up
    5-10min drill
    10-15min techniques
    30min sparring

    striking classes are setup as so

    its usually 15min warmup
    10-15min drillwork
    25min padwork & combo
    5-10min cooldown

    sparring striking are offer once a week....

    weapons- there are no weapons class at extreme mms


    i've got no clue what is the name nor do i care of the staff members. they have never introduce themselves to me nor they train at the gym. out of the ever changing 5 staff members, i would say 3 of them are sales rep for the gym itself. it just explains a whole lot of how the gym is setup to make dough.


    i would recommend this gym. they do have world class instructors. for people who want to just relax and have fun with their training, i would recommend to take a look at extreme mma.

    H. from Hong Kong

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    mma /boxing/muai thai
    John donahue is suposed to have a pretty good rep. One of john wills guys.
    Whitsunday Martial Arts Airlie Beach North Queensland.


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