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    New strength program looking for feedback

    Hey, Long time forum viewer and I'm looking for some feedback on my new routine I'm going to start in December. Previous to this I would mainly do calisthenics outdoors at parks with jogging and weights added in here and there. Basically starting November I want to start a strength routine with the goal of putting on mass. I know diet is the main factor in this but what do you think of this routine?



    Standing military press 5x5
    Walking lunges 3x12
    Chin ups 3x5-8 (weighted)


    Dead lift 3x5 (Not 5x5 due to limited experience with this lift in the past)
    Dips 3xmax with BW
    Hanging leg raises 3xmax


    Squat 5x5
    Bench 5x5
    Bent over row 3x5

    Any thoughts and input appreciated! And please don't just tell me to do SS haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nayr01 View Post
    And please don't just tell me to do SS haha.
    Why not?


    -Don't forget mobilizing and warm-up sets beforehand and flexibility work after.
    -I don't see anything particularly stupid about your exercise selection
    -Not sure why you'd weight your chin-ups but not your dips
    -No details given about progressions/deloading, so who knows what you're going to do there?

    On the subject of presses:

    Quote Originally Posted by Emevas View Post
    Downstreet on the flip-flop, timepants.

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    Thank you for the reply and that video was great! I don't want to do SS because squatting/deadlifting 2x a week due to the fact I hike a lot and its not so fun after a day of heavy squats also i like having a bit more variety in my lifts(Lame i know). Weighing the dips was something I was debating but I thought it would be good to keep a more endurance movement for the upper body, and not to burn out the nervous system as much. Also I should of mentioned my warm up is 10 mins of jogging/skipping mixed in with a few light calisthenics sets and some dynamic stretching. Each heavy lift will have 2-4 warm up sets before the work sets as well. I will also be doing static stretching/recovery yoga right after and on off days as well. I will deload once i feel the need and start week one with weights slightly less then what i could manage attempting to add weight every week. Once again thanks for the advice!

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    I think (at least in Starting Strength, which I am using as a reference not a guide here) there is only 1x5 of deadlifts, since its very taxing on the central nervous system. Other than that my limited knowlege says your program is probably fine.

    Maybe check out Weider 5/3/1 as well, where you bench once a week, deadlift once a week, squat once a week, and overhead press once a week, and then the rest of your workout is assistance stuff (chins, dips, stuff you already have in yours). Just a suggestion, of course. There is a boatload of 5/3/1 variations.

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    I found with SS the 2x a week squat (at 5x5) to be too taxing on my legs to be able to train BJJ effectively. So I have altered the programme.

    This is altered for my grappling/MMA training..


    Barbell snatch 1x5
    Squats 5x5 (full 'ATG' squat.)
    Benchpress 5x5
    Pull-ups 4xF


    Deadlifts 1x5
    Standing military press 3x5
    Pendlay rows 3x5
    Dips 3xF

    I will probably do a 'bodyweight only' routine at some point in the week also.(depending on how many times I've gone BJJ)
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