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    I would suggest you focus your training on regaining the mobility and strength in your shoulder and surrounding area. Take a step back from the muscle and rebuild the mobility. Joint mobility programs would be of help as would yoga. I can recommend a few if you'd like. I could also possibly direct you to some great coaches, where are you located?
    Again, thank you everyone. I'm located in the Pittsburgh area...about 20 miles east of the city.

    Indeed it is subacromial impingement as confirmed by MRI. Also noted were tears to my supraspinatus and subscapularis muscles which were minor. Between the neck issues and shoulder I was pretty messed up. Neck is repaired as stated except for the nerve damage (my index finger for example is still numb and the neurosurgeon/spinal specialist said it could take up to 18 months, if it's not permanently damaged for feeling to come back).

    I notice that when I work out, I just don't get that "pumped" feeling in my right side where the brachial plexus goes, even if I were to do a tricep extension with a dumbbell for example, it just doesn't pump....have to wait for it to heal if it does.

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    Would kettlebells be a good idea? I know the hype says they help somewhat with mobility as well as building/maintaining muscle. I know there are lots of kettlebell workouts out there, it could be something to look into at least.

    Someone with kettlebell experience can feel free to correct or confirm.

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