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    Quote Originally Posted by P Marsh View Post
    I don't think Silva vs. GSP is going to happen until Dana knows that Silva is going to have his last fight in the UFC. Dana has been milking that potential match-up for a while now and hasn't shown signs of stopping until he doesn't have another option to make that money.
    I agree. If these two fights happen Silva will probably retire after that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greatheight View Post
    Why is he boring?

    I think GSP should nut this one out - Condit probably has more power behind his strikes, and a decent ground game, but Georges wrestling is what really stands out between the two. Condit won't be a push over, but I reckon GSP will have it.

    The rest;

    Martin Kampmann vs Johny Hendricks
    Patrick Côté vs Alessio Sakara
    Cyrille Diabaté vs Chad Griggs
    Sam Stout vs John Makdessi
    Mark Bocek vs Rafael dos Anjos
    GSP is not a finisher. He picks his opponents apart which theres nothing wrong with that but I find it boring. The condit fight shut me up though. Both fighter threw down. What do you think about GSP vs Hendricks? Any thoughts on that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OZZ View Post
    Therein lies your stupidity.
    What I proposed was not an argument , rather, it was a statement informing the previous poster of some of the reasons other people refer to GSP as a boring fighter. Followed by my own summary and assessment of his ring tactics overall.

    If it were an argument it would have read as follows
    ( Topic sentence) " GSP not a boring fighter.."
    Premises 1&2 " And here are the reasons why _____"
    Conclusion " Therefore, GSP is not a boring fighter."

    So what I posted was not an argument at all, and nor could it possibly be referred to as a 'fallacious argument', because it is, in fact, not an argument.
    You will never find a post anywhere on this forum where I've stated that GSP is not a boring fighter, because I actually do find him a bit boring at times; the snore-fest match I attended in Toronto against Steve Shields is a case in point. However, one cannot help but admire his intelligence and skill level, so its easy to look past the occasional lulls in action during his contests.

    And as far as jumping on the Sirc-bashing bandwagon goes - it was you who invited me to this little party by trolling my posts.
    I avoid Sirc parties at all costs for the most part, because when veteran members play into these silly dramas you create from time to time, it only lends credibility to your little tirades and attention-whoring.
    And this one is just as undeserving of attention as all of your previous dramas.
    Are we clear, fuckwit ?
    Have a nice day.
    OH Ok.

    This would all hold lots of water right up until you say this:

    This is how you fight smart and extend your career.
    I respect him for doing things his way and not the way some of the fans would like.
    I think he is a better judge of what he needs to do and how he should do it.
    Which is intimating that he is in fact, not a boring fighter. Just a smart one.

    Man. You are like a shitty insecure girlfriend.


    ************, you implied it. You are exactly everything that is wrong with everything. Just fucking own up to the **** you're spewing. Stop being such a ***** about it.

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