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Thread: Leaving Judo

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    Possibly stupid question, but what is the reason you originally got into judo. Because that may affect what to do next. People have mentioned switching to a striking art, and I definitely second the arnis/escrima recommendation, IF that's what you're looking for. I guess what I'm asking is, what do you want to get out of whatever art you switch to?

    Edit: The above post wasn't up when I posted mine. Apologize. I'm dumb.

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    In my humble foolish opinion that is a good ideal. Being on your feet is more dangerous. As long as you don't let anyone stack you, you should be ok.
    "We often joke -- and we really wish it were a joke -- that you will only encounter two basic problems with your 'self-defense' training.
    1) That it doesn't work
    2) That it does work"
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