Coming into this match, Thomas Dulorme was anointed as the next big prospect coming out of Puerto Rico. And, he still might be.

Unfortunately, everyone underestimated Abregu. His only exposure on US television was a loss to Timothy Bradley — a fight, Abregu says, was tainted due to his injured hand.

I believe Abregu because, as he showed tonight, he's got serious KO power even in 10oz. gloves. The fight would probably have ended earlier if he wore the customary 8oz gloves.

The fight started with Dulorme pumping his jab steadily. It looked like Abregu was just too sluggish to compete with Dulorme, but as we later discovered, Abregu was simply feeling Dulorme out.

In Rd 3., Abregu sent Dulorme to the canvas — hard. For a minute there, Dulorme's eyes rolled back. To his credit, he got back up.

Between Rds. 4-6, both fighters were competive. Dulorme found success switching to southpaw and pumping his jab, but when he would switch back to orthodox, Abregu would punish him with overhand rights.

Finally, in Rd. 7, Abregu sent Dulorme to the canvas once more. Dulorme got up, but his corner stopped the fight.

I don't think Dulorme's potential is tainted by this loss. If he works on his defense, he might *still* be one of the best Puerto Rican prospects.

However, most people underestimated Abregu's abilities. Sure, Abregu had a soft record, but Abregu himself is not a soft fighter. Abregu now elevates himself as a legitimate welterweight contender.

Who wouldn't like to see Luis Carlos Abregu fight Marcos Maidana? Now that is a FOTY candidate right there.