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    I live in Montevideo, during the Second World war a german battleship was given assylum (Uruguay was neutral until 1944 were it joined the allies) later the british ambushed the ship a few miles from the port

    People at the shore was able to see the naval battle, some of the german survivors lived the rest of their lives here in Uruguay

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    Battles and sieges of Montevideo Part 1

    The city of Montevideo my birthplace and home has been sieged so many times we can barely count them but lets try

    in 1807 by the british (Montevideo owned allegiance to the Spanish Empire)

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    Result: Costly victory for the british, ocuppation of Montevideo

    1814 siege by The united provinces of the River plate (a now extinct liberal and progressive federation) Montevideo was at the time again under Spanish administration

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    Result: Montevideo falls again after heavy casualties for both sides

    1823 Montevideo is now under Portugese domain after the heavy casualties and massive damage sustained during the other sieges it was an easy prey to the other imperial behemont, Montevideo is sieged by brazilians who fight for their independence against the portugese and who would go to create their own Brazilian empire

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    Result: The portugese tap out to the brazilians (it is unknow if the brazilians used Jiu Jitsu to defeat the portugese troops but all historians agree is extremely obvious because thats what brazilians do)

    And thats enough for now

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    I'm doing another from a second world war, because there's just so much material that stories basically just write themselves and I'm on the medical leave from work, having time to write this **** up. This is a part of important local mythos of heroism and resistance:

    The battle of Drazgose:

    The 'Cankar' batallion started to mount serious actions against German occupational forces in decembre 1941, shortly after Slovenian territory was overrun. For example they found out that Germans intend to ferret away the people of Hotavlje, mounted an ambush and Germans had 35 dead and 43 wounded and forced their way in only with the help of armoured column.
    Another great catastrophe for them happened when the battalion completely obliterated a squad of 13 SS policemen (germans were trying to locate the partisan forces and sending small recon units into the hills for that purpose) at Pasja ravan.
    After this the German command had enough and gathered a force of approximately 4000 men, hoping to surround and obliterate the small unit, that caused them all kinds of trouble.
    The batallion had no other options than to mount a spectacular and exhausting retreat from Pasja ravan to Drazgose in a one night hike, while the enemy forces which had 104 killed and wounded continued to sweep and clean area around Pasja ravan.


    Drazgose is a small village above the town of Zelezniki, where they decidet to dry up, rest, gather provisions and decide what to do. Defensively the location was great, as almost any attacking force would have to charge uphill and there was a vast woodland area of pretty much unsettled Jelovica plain which could serve as a retreat route behind.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The look from Drazgose dow towards the town of Zelezniki from atop the battle monument. Note the steep slope downwards.
    Name:  drazgosespomenik.jpg
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    Because of the lack of equipment, the hardships of the winter, lack of ammunition and weapons the battalion shed off the unarmed mobilisated people and allowed those, who didn't feel capable to continue enduring hardships and danger to return home. About 200 fighters splitted in two companies ramained. Reaching Drazgose partisan forces settled in and send a group of 12 to blast an important bridge nearby and another group to mount a provisional operation establishing some kind of 'mini republic'.

    NEVER BEFORE anything like it happened on the occupaid territory at the foot of the Reich, so the demonstration of partisan power drove Germans nuts and the destruction of Drazgose a priority.

    They mustered the police battalion from Radovljica, police batalion from Kranj, the ss police skiing squad from Bled, the 10 th ss police battalion was on his way with the communication units, while the German stab 'South' contributed 499 infantry battalion from Skofja Loka and a 48 batalion of tankhunters from Celje, which had anti-tank artillery.
    As a reserve they had availlable 322., 857., and 510 werman battalions and SS batalion 'Westland' thus making the number of troops for operation 'Grosseinsatz' up to 2500 men, achieving an advantage 14:1. So that's a lot of essess if you haven't noted by now.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    1st day: (9th january 1941)
    The starting positions for germans were unfavourabel.
    The first day the units trying to push in from the east were held off by a squad, which had to relocate, but held after getting reinforced.
    The central and western pushes were repelled after partisans opened on them, when they were 50 meters away and climbing uphill.
    Germans retreated and mounted some heavy machineguns for support and anti tank guns, which didn't help much because of the wrong -anti tank- granades.

    During night the partisan unit managed to go to Besnica into the hidden supply dump for ammunition undetected. The Germans tried to suprise defenders with a ski column night raid, but it was repelled.

    2nd day:
    The weather turned to cloudy with heavy fog and snow which helped the attackers to almost reach the first houses. ALMOST. The situation turned worse for the partisans, as the heavy machineguns of the enemy reached better positions.

    Despite the great exhaustion of defenders, the command decided to hold for another day sending two columns for ammo and provisions during night, but they both returned because of too much enemy activity.

    3rd day:

    After a direct hit the partisan machinegun at key position the 'Jelenica rock' was silenced. German units reached houses, but were flanked and repelled, as well as the unit making for the center of the village. The decisive push came again at the left, when germans captured 'Jelenica rock' after Bicek squad, low on ammo and exhausted had to retreat.
    The command realised, that it will be impossible to hold on, so threw in every reserve in order to last to the night.

    RETREAT on Jelovica plain (behind the village)

    Exhausted, low on ammo, partisans slipped into the woods at night eventually splitting up, with fresh German troops in hot pursuit.

    Two squads were betraied by a local German sympathiser while resting and surrounded. The fight lasted for 13 hours and just as many partisans were killed, national hero Bicek the machinegunner among them. Others slipped away through snow tunnel, with 5 heavily wounded comerades, some of them asked to be shot from a friendly hand to spare them torture in captivity or slow death from wounds.


    This was THE FIRST major partisan action in whole occupaid Europe (the Yugoslav (Slovenia used to be a part of Yugoslavia) partisans were also the only ones who had roentgen hospitals, airfields, navy, printing and weapon factories, air forces, tank units, freed territories, radio programme,... in the stages of war after the Italian capitulation. The allies also supplied .55 boys rifles, thompsons, sten submachineguns, brens were also quite common, piat launchers, spitfires, plastic explosives medical material,... and later Stuart tanks. Much help also came from the soviets, T-34/85 tanks among other material. The Yugoslavian resistance greatly helped the allied push up the Italian penninsula, as the train an other vital communication lines went over Slovenia and were constantly blown up and harrased.) and as such deserves some significance.

    But it became painfully obvious that Slovenian partisans are unable to wage a frontline battles as they had no artillery support not enough qality small arms, submachineguns, machineguns etc., until the capitulation of Italy, when they could help themselves to a large quantaties of material and weapons until the fascist republic was reastablished and thus the only option for survival was guerilla warfare.


    Germans came into village on 11th of january. They immediately rounded and shot 20 people infront of their relatives. 21 people close after. Males from kids to old people, however dead women were also found on the scene.
    81 villagers were sent into concentration camps others to forced labour and into exile.
    The houses were burned and the remains blown up.


    The villagers feared the reprisals, so they themselves announced the partisan presence to the Germans after the debate with partisan commanders which alloved them.
    They also asked the fighters to leave but were denied that request because of the extremely favourable terrain for defense, and because the commanders thought that one big battle could have a great moral, political and 'statement' value.
    The Germans withdrew the idea to annex the region into the Reich after the battle for undetermined time. That time never came as 'the bandit' movement flared all over the country.

    Thus those collaborators that lived after the war (when the allied victory was obvious in late 44, the partisans under communist party at that time offered immunity for all fifth column fighters, who would defect into their ranks and were not stained with war crimes. Large numbers of those, who did not, were massacred along large portions of the chetniks and ustashe after they were returned into their homeland by allies to whom they surrendered), local right wingers, neonazis,... argue, that the battle was unnecesarry, the resistance a crime and the fate of the villagers in vein which truly could be debatable.

    Pics of burned down village:
    Name:  požganedražgoše.jpg
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	miniranedražgoše.jpg 
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    They also argue that the partisans did not achieve anything and were unable to inflict serious losses to Germans.
    To that I can only say 'F+ck you.' truly and honestly. My grandmother was in a town of Zelezniki one day during the battle and saw trucks of dead German soldiers on her own eyes. The battle was the first statement, that Slovenia is fighting and that the occupation is not going to go smooth.
    However I can believe, that partisans could relax a bit too much in the days before the attack with the help of local schnapps, and were sometimes not the best room mates to have in a house :-).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The partisan movement was a tool for communists, to create their lever of power and a socialist republic of Yugoslavia.
    Hovewer when Stalin thought that this land is his and YU ready to be annexed behind the iron curtain, the local communists refused.

    The attack on Yu semmd imminent, there were about 1500 skirmishes (planes shot down, troops firing on each other, divesant and assasination teams inserted) on the border, but the American presence and help helped to repel the soviet idea of annexing these lands by force.
    We received Sabre fighters, Patton tanks,... all sorts of modern weapons from the USA, as help. So thanks a lot, for not leaving our commies to ultracommies.

    Have a photo of our thunderjet bomber as another loud THANK YOU USA.
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