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    My workout

    My friend in the marines asked what I did for a workout. I usually respond "beer and pizza" but I thought I'd let him know since he is a friend and is serving, critique if you want:

    Do your own weight but don't strain it took me since high school to get to this point

    50 reps + 45lbs knee-raises
    200-300 lbs + 5lbs ankle weight leg ups
    50 reps + 45lbs weight inclined crunches
    100 reps + bosu ball crunches
    50 reps + 100lbs Pull down crunches(special machine for this)
    50 + 150lbs push down crunches(special machine for this)

    25 reps + 25lbs weighted "behind the neck pull ups"
    50 reps + 45lbs reverse situps
    50 reps + 0lbs reverse situps
    50 reps + 25lbs reverse butterflies(free-weight)
    50 reps + 120-150 lbs rows
    50 reps + 160-180lbs lat pull downs

    Chest, Arm, Shoulder, Tricep:
    50 reps + 160-180lbs bench, increase weight as you go on
    50 reps + 200lbs butterfly
    50 reps + 60lbs butterfly(free-weight)
    100 reps + 45lbs weighted pushups, fast as possible, keep form. Have someone hold weight on back
    50 reps + 0lbs diamond push ups
    25 reps + 0lbs "judo pushups"
    50 reps + 50-70 lbs curls
    50 reps + 25-50lbs weighted pullups(regular)
    50 reps + 0lbs pullups (wide grip)
    50 reps + 0lbs pullups (close grip)
    50 reps + 80-100 lbs machine curls
    50 reps + 60-80lbs Tricep pull downs
    25 reps + 45lbs weighted dips
    25-50 + 0lbs dip/knee raises
    25 reps + 90lbs shoulder press
    25 reps + 60-80lbs shoulder raises
    25 reps + 25lbs wrist raises(forearm)
    25 reps + 25lbs reverse wrist raises(forearm)
    50-75 reps + 35lbs toning belt curls
    50-75 reps + 35lbs toning belt Tricep extensions
    25 reps + 0lbs cartwheel pushups(legs as high as you can on the wall)
    100 reps + 100lbs "axe cuts" use a bar, I use a weighted medicine stick
    10 reps + 0lbs peg-wall
    25 reps + 145-160lbs powerclean

    5min + 100lbs weighted jumps (jump as high as you can)
    50 reps + 275-325 leg press
    50 reps + 270-300 calf raises
    50 reps + 225-250 lbs squats
    100 reps + 5-25lbs leg extensions
    100 reps + 5-25lbs reverse leg extensions

    That's what I have off the top of my head for weight train.

    10min shadow boxing
    30min bag work
    30min/5min intervals jump rope
    Running: go as long as you can till you can't or feel nauseated, try not to over do it so you can drive home, as you go on carry something weight, I use a 45lbs weighted vest. Careful on knees, don't do to much road work, find a track.

    Other stuff I do:
    25reps + Medicine ball stomach drops
    3min + Get a stick and whack your body in different areas to create a thicker skin

    This is excluding the training I do at mma too.
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    I'll post more as I remember my log is in my locker at my gym.

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    I don't do a lot of heavy bench it slows down my striking. ALOT.

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    Thats pretty awesome.
    Whats with the 50 reps?

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    What is your height, weight, age etc?

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    whoa der boy. what are your goals with this?

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    Very nice, I think it is the best ever post on the topic I could find. But some of
    the quantities aren't seems to be appropriate.
    I'm not sure so I think I should discuss it with some friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryant123 View Post
    At least 30 minutes should be spended on training.
    My everyday exercise plan is such as:
    Push ups: 25,
    Pull ups: 25,
    Sits up: 50,
    Jogging: 15 minutes,
    Running: 15 minutes,
    Swimming: 20 minutes.
    And that is relivant to what?
    Combatives training log.

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    Drum thread

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