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    Working out while on the road

    So as I mentioned in my boff topic thread, I travel. A lot. I am, at the moment, in the middle of a three week long business trip/road trip across the country.
    It's mega-fucking-sweet and I love it, but the one downside is that it makes getting to the gym on a regular basis not so easy.
    Any recommendations for working out while traveling? Some hotels have weight rooms and such which can be exploited while I'm in them, but I mostly couchsurf while out in the world.
    Ditto for nutrition. Eating out gets 'spensive as fuuuuck, and I end up eating way less than normal while I'm traveling.
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    A jump rope is an easily transported piece of equipment, and you can usually find enough space to skip in place.

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    Go for a run.

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    Find a building with stairs and run them and Do Push-ups Now.

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    I'm right there with you bro. So far this year, since March, I've spent 60 nights in hotels. My biggest issue with staying healthy is eating. There's one location I go to that has a Whole Foods next door, and I eat their soup/salad bar a lot. Other than that, its hit or miss. Another issue is I'm usually traveling with peers, who are all about going out and drinking (which results in shitty food choice decisions) discipline is important. Obviously you know all that. On to the workouts....

    By now, in the work areas I frequent, I know which hotels have legit gyms with free weights and/or useful machines. When I go to new places, and if I have an option of hotels, I call around to see what the gyms at each place or like.

    Protip: some hotels that don't have gyms actually give you a voucher to go to a nearby real gym for free. It all depends if they have deals worked out. I used to go to a gym in north Chicago that gave out free vouchers to Bally's or something like that. Though I think I've only noticed one or two other places that did that.

    YMCA can sometimes be an option. If you are with someone who is a member, or are a member of the military, they can sometimes sneak you in. Each YMCA runs itself its own way, so their local policies vary quite a bit. I've ran into some crappy YMCA's.

    I have P90X on my computer and do that sometimes.

    I always pack a jump rope and ab wheel...sometimes an imitation perfect pushup type set.

    Gold's Gyms area also finicky about their guest policies. You can get in, but sometimes they charge you a little if you aren't from their branch. I was just in Miami where they gave my buddy a hard time with getting in for free because he is from an Austin Gold's. I was his guest and the first time I had to pay a full day fee (like $12 or so)...but the second time I went I got off with paying a reduced guest fee (like $4 or so).

    Also whenever I arrive at a location, particularly one I've never been to before, I like to get the 'lay of the land' by putting a few miles in and getting some fam on the surrounding area...kind of serves a duel purpose.

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    When I was an FSE with Cardinal Health I did 270 nights in a hotel in one year. You might be able to pop into Community Judo centers for the week. A lot of hotels in particular ones that cater to business customers do have gyms and pools.
    I think the hardest thing for me when traveling was always being in a different time zone so keeping to a schedule was a pain in the but. So the biggest bit of advise is to not worry about being in a ruitien and just be able to mix it up and do what ever is available where your going.

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    Jump rope, running, burpees, body weight squats, pushups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RynoGreene View Post
    Jump rope, running, burpees, body weight squats, pushups.
    Beat me to it.

    Prison exercise calethenics routine. Designed for cramped spaces with limited access to equipment. Learn it. Live it. "Play cards" till you puke.

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    Burpees, pistol squats, spiderman push ups, handstand push ups.

    You don't need a gym...You only need 15mins in your room alone.

    A 3 week bodyweight routine on a business trip in between gym sessions aint that bad.

    Glad i can help and i'm thrilled to be here.

    Sensei Terror.

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    Mix and match you dont have to piss about with tabata. Then all you need is a timer and something heavy.
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