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    "I feel naked I was so distracted by your penis"
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    Well crap. I was hoping we could have a UFC night for ol' times sake. I'm leaving for Germany again next week though and won't be back until the middle of January. But you'll be gone by the time the February 1st UFC rolls around.

    Remember? I said I was going to help you 'lesser martial arts' people learn that it's important to get dinner for your respected elders. ;) Guess we will have to put that plan on hold.

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    I've been wet since January son. I'll be back in May and June though

    PROOF that I'm not a completely useless poster:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cy Q. Faunce
    3moose1 is correct. Sig THAT, you fucker.

    Quote Originally Posted by sochin101 View Post
    I went out with a delightful young woman who was on a regimen of pills that made her taste of burned onions.
    That is not conducive to passionate cunnilingus, my friend, let me assure you.
    Quote Originally Posted by HappyOldGuy View Post
    I agree with moosey

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