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    Thoughts on switching from Judo to BJJ due to neck injury.

    In May 2011 I took an Osoto-Gari and landed on my neck, the impact shaved off the bottom of one of my vertebrae. I'm healed and back to training, but the neck just isn't the same and I'm worried about mobility and health as I age. I'm 37 now. I was looking for some thoughts on whether or not BJJ would be easier on my neck.

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    a lot of people feel that BJJ is less hard on an aging body than judo. they're probably right. judo is really hard on me for sure.

    i would wonder if getting stacked is going to give you problems, though, as that seems to happen a lot in BJJ.
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    You can avoid getting stacked by just releasing the sub, or allowing the person to take what they need, ie, breaking your guard to let them guard pass. A mate at training wrote me a message one night after I stacked him in a roll, his message was "I should've let go of that triangle". Apparently his neck got cricked. If you are in danger, don't let pride **** you up, let it go.

    I'm not saying let everyone walk over you, but if you have an injury that requires special attention, try not to get in positions where it will matter and if you do, just concede. You're in training, not the Mundials. Loosely related, my recent calf injury had me concerned so when it became an issue on rolling, rather than risk injuring it further, I just let them do what they were attempting with little resistance and worked on not getting in that position in the first place, as well as working from the shitty position I ended up in.
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    BJJ definately easier on the body. I'm 47 and still train. Wouldn't think about doing Judo right now.


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