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Thread: Jones vs Sonnen

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Question View Post
    I don't agree with this. For the motherfucking sport to maintain legitimacy, motherfuckers need to earn their title shots and accolades and **** by being good in the motherfucking sport. Not by talking ****.
    I think it's safe to say Sonnen is good at fighting. Is he the very best? No, he just lost to the very best. In the UFC 151 debacle, Zuffa needed someone quick, who could handle the big fight, and the big promo. It is also sports entertainment.

    He was willing, and able to fill the void. To Zuffa, he was the one willing to help them avoid the loss of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and dodge a heap of ridicule.
    Talking **** is not fighting, being good in one motherfucking thing does not make you automatically good in another. ****, this is like giving A-Rod a contract to play Cricket for the Delhi Daredevils because tickets might sell and ****.

    **** that noise.
    Many people would rather see fights involving interesting personalities, than bland, drab and listless souls who only fight, and can't string 8 words together.

    You still have to be a damn good fighter, but also wielding good promotion skills will put someone above.

    The sport is thriving, but for the top event matchups, it's gonna be about the bucks.

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    I don't know if we should be assuming Sonnen "talked" his way into this. First off he did step up and try to save UFC 152. Second of all despite his record he has been in the UFC a long time, an established vet. Finally we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. Perhaps this will be the fight that retires Sonnen and sends him into Fox's waiting arms as an MMA correspondent. I can see Henderson being passed over since he was injured for two weeks and didn't tell Dana.

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